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With many lockdown restrictions now beginning to ease, what does the future look like for you and your business?

Security, efficiency and success are at the forefront of every business owner’s mind, now more than ever. Don’t let your IT Support provider be the one to let you down.

Effective technical support and advice will allow your business to grow, develop and succeed in the aftermath of this pandemic, but, ineffective IT services will hold your business back.

We’ve compiled 10 warning signs below to look out for. These will help you to deduce whether your IT Support partner is letting you down and if you should be looking to switch IT provider.

1. They haven’t adapted to the needs of your business

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that almost every UK business has experienced a turbulent last few months. It’s likely that a lot will have changed in your business since the start of the year, but has your IT Support provider been equipped to adapt to these changes?

Likewise, as lockdown begins to ease, are you confident that your IT partner will be able to support your business in adjusting to a new normal? Some businesses may be keen to focus on growing and expanding, whereas others may need to downsize to deal with their immediate situation, before they can then focus on growth again. Whatever your situation, it’s fundamental that your IT provider can adapt to your business needs. Having the right technology and support will allow you to achieve your business goals and succeed in the long run.

2. They’ve been ineffective in supporting you with working remotely

During lockdown it may have become apparent that your IT provider doesn’t have what it takes to support such a shift in working dynamic. Did your IT partner provide you with the right tools to work remotely? You should be confident that you were offered the right collaboration tools, cyber security measures and general IT Support to make flexible working problem-free.

In fact, it’s now looking like flexible working and WFA (Working From Anywhere) will continue long-term for many businesses, making it even more vital that you have the right IT Support to facilitate this.

3. They don’t know your industry

don't let your IT provider let you down

Your IT Support provider should have a good knowledge of your business and your industry, whether you work in financial services, property or other professional services. That way, they can understand how COVID-19 has impacted your business and recognise potential areas of opportunity.

Equally, it’s crucial that your IT partner knows about the specific threats that the pandemic will have had to your business. As such, they can consider risks and opportunities when developing your IT strategy, anticipating the right technology to lead your business to success.

4. They’ve been bought out or have merged with another business

Your IT provider may have merged or been bought out as a consequence of the pandemic. If so, there will likely be a transition period and potential disturbance to the quality of service that you’re provided.

Additionally, when businesses merge, this can have a huge impact on the nature of that business. Many things could change, including, leadership, culture, level of service, and pricing. If structural changes such as these do occur, in effect you’re actually switching IT providers, but without the choice of who you’re moving to.

You, therefore, need to be vigilant. Consider whether your business needs still truly align with what your IT partner is offering. Can they still provide the best service for your business? Focus on ensuring that your IT partner is stable, secure and suited to your needs.

5. They talk tech and don’t speak the language of your business

In the midst of COVID-19, you don’t need the added stress of trying to research or understand IT jargon in order to decipher what is best for your business. Having an IT Support partner who can explain different systems, software and processes clearly will make your life a lot easier. Things should be explained simply and backed up with easy-to-read resources, allowing you to make stress-free, informed decisions.

Furthermore, it’s important that your IT Support provider can understand your goals and speak the language of your sector. With high level strategic thinking, they should be expert at developing your technology roadmap to ensure it aligns with your business strategy.

6. They don’t provide value to your business

don't let your IT Support provider let you down

Is your IT partner reactive but not proactive? Do they deal with issues when they arise but neglect the long-term goals of your business and how technology can facilitate these?

Reactive IT support is simply not enough. Your IT provider needs to be proactive. They should be able to anticipate and offer the right technical solutions for your business, improving your productivity, efficiency and overall business success.

7. Their service has slipped during the pandemic

If IT issues are occurring repeatedly and SLAs have slipped, you need to consider switching IT providers. Don’t settle for short-term solutions, your IT partner should be able to solve problems effectively and prevent reoccurring issues.

Having continuous problems will cause productivity loss and cost your business in the long run (every minute spent sorting IT issues will add up!) Don’t let the shortcomings of another business negatively impact your own business. You need a partner who understands how important good IT is to the smooth running of your business.

8. They don’t represent good value for money

In the world of technology, the cheapest option is rarely the best option. If your IT Support provider is the cheapest on the market, consider what corners they’re cutting to be able to offer such low rates.

You shouldn’t cut costs when it comes to the security, productivity or efficiency of your business, all of which rely on the effective use of technology. IT support and strategic advice ranges vastly in terms of quality, so do your research and ensure that your IT provider is offering you the best value for your money.

9. Technology isn’t facilitating maximum productivity or efficiency

don't let your IT provider let you down

Having a business that is efficient and productive is extremely important. Many businesses will have reduced the size of their workforce and will, therefore, need their remaining staff to be able to work even more efficiently.

Have you noticed that other businesses have utilised technology to help combat some of the effects of COVID? Do you feel that your IT provider has neglected to give you the tools you need to thrive? If so, you need to consider making the switch.

10. You don’t feel confident

During such uncertain times, it’s vital that you have full confidence in your IT partner. You need to know that they understand your business, its challenges, and areas of opportunity. That way they can tailor your IT strategy to facilitate your business goals. Additionally, you need to know that they will always be there to support you, resolving issues quickly and effectively so that your business can be as productive and efficient as possible.

If you have any doubts about the capability of your IT support partner, it may be time to switch to another provider. One that is more proactive, more responsive and will add genuine value to your business.

If you’re considering switching IT partners and are interested in how we can help you, please get in touch today.

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