IT downtime response time

Backup & Disaster Recovery

How long does it take your IT partner to deal with an issue? If it’s more than one hour then read this…

Email Security

Cyber Security

Don’t make this simple email mistake

help support signs

IT Best Practices

Why you need a reliable IT support partner

Uber hack

Cyber Security

Uber Hack Revealed. What should you be doing to stay Cyber Secure?


IT Best Practices

How we helped a 40-person company select the right software and save £240,000!

IT support partner


Does your IT partner allow you to continue using outdated systems that are a security risk?

cyber security

Cyber Security

Top 5 Cyber Security Tips for UK Businesses

Bad Rabbit, Ransomware

Cyber Security

Bad Rabbit: Don’t be held Hostage by this Latest Ransomware Threat

KRACKs, IT support, netstar

Cyber Security

How to protect your WiFi from KRACKs


IT Best Practices

Innate Habits of Business Leaders


IT Best Practices

How to Stop Managing and Start Leading


Cyber Security

Does your IT company have quarterly reviews with you?

Are you getting value from your relationship with your IT partner? Or is the word “relationship” a bit of a…

IT helpdesk

IT Best Practices

Which accreditations are worth knowing about when choosing an IT partner?

iPhone X


The new iPhone X – Is it the business?


Cyber Security

Your Employees’ Smartphones Are a Major Risk to Security of Data

Smartphones have become integral to our lives, so it's natural they're common in the workplace. But what risks for business…


Cyber Security

How the Parliament Cyber Attack Could Have Been Avoided

The recent cyber attack that left members of parliament unable to access their emails could have easily been avoided. Here's…


Cyber Security

Are You Ready for GDPR? New Regulations that Can See You Fined 4% of Turnover

GDPR should not be ignored! All businesses will be subject to these new regulations, which can see you fined 4%…

phishing signs to watch out for

Cyber Security

How to Spot a Phishing Email – Are You Aware of These Email Security Red Flags?

Are you aware of and checking for these email security red flags in order to keep your business safe from…


Cyber Security

If You Only Do ONE thing to Protect your Business Against Ransomware, You Should Do This

How do you make your employees care about cyber security and make training stick? Here's 6 tips to help you…

NHS hack

Cyber Security

NHS Hack – What Happened and How to Avoid it Happening to Your Business

NHS Hacked! What happened, what does it mean and how can you stop it happening to your business? Protect your…

App Store

Cyber Security

The Argument that Mobile Banking Apps Aren’t Secure Just Got A Lot Stronger

Many people shun mobile banking apps out of security concerns. Read this to learn about the latest risk, what's at…


Cyber Security

No Device is Infallible – Apple Hastily Submits iPhone Update After Ransomware Panic

Your iPhone isn't fail safe. You CAN get viruses, your data CAN be intercepted and you're still at risk using…

Netstar story, hacker, IT, email

Cyber Security

My Close Shave With a Hacker that Could Have Ended in Disaster

The story of how Netstar's marketing manager almost gave hackers his password, but ended up averting disaster in a close…


Cyber Security

Why you Shouldn’t Geotag Your Social Media Posts

How cyber criminals use your geotagged social media posts to work out where you are, what you're doing, and when…


Cyber Security

Ads on “Safe”, Trusted, Popular Websites Can Infect Your Networks with Malware

See those intriguing ads that beg you to click on them? This is the latest place cyber criminals are trying…


Cyber Security

An Easy Way to Stop Data Being Stolen from Your Lost Devices

If you lose your laptop, you might think no-one will get past your login screen. But what's going to stop…

apple mac

Cyber Security

Use a Mac? You know you can still get viruses, right?

Did you assume you were safe when using a mac? Find out why a business running macs might be MORE…

David Beckham

Cyber Security

Who Else Wants Their Embarrassing Emails Exposed like David Beckham?

How did hackers get hold of David Beckham's confidential emails? Do you want that happening to you? What would it…

cyber security

Cyber Security

If Your Password Looks Like This: randomword34 – then You Really Need to Read This.

You'll be really surprised how insanely fast a skilled hacker could crack the password you thought was quite secure. Find…


Cyber Security

The Business Costs of Ransomware [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ransomware is an annoying problem, but also potentially a business threatening one if you can't recover your data. What are…

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