Month:October 2018

halloween passwords

Cyber Security

To kill a password – the Halloween files

Do you know if your password has ever been stolen? This time of year is synonymous with ghosts and ghouls.…


Cyber Security

What does a scam email look like? 5 types to watch out for

A study carried out by one of our software partners KnowBe4 revealed the top reasons we are likely to click…

CRM on desktop

IT Best Practices

How to choose the best CRM for your business in 6 easy steps

Having the right Customer Relationship Management system or CRM in place, is something every business strives for to run smoothly.…

social engineering

Cyber Security

How to combat social engineering – the biggest IT security threat to small businesses in the UK

Despite the increased threat of cyber-attacks, it has been observed that UK businesses are continuing to ignore warnings about the…

hourglass timer


9 ways to add time back to your day

"I'll just check Facebook and refresh my twitter feed one more time, and then I'll go to bed." 2 hours…

laptops and software

IT Best Practices

How to choose the right software and save your business money

  Today’s digital landscape offers endless possible software solutions to increase productivity within your business. But who do you ask…

cyber security

Cyber Security

Beware! Your firewall may not scan 90% of its traffic

60% of internet traffic is now encrypted, which means data is passing in and out of your business network that…

Email hack

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Could your email be hacked? What you need to do…

 Before she was even aware of it, she was receiving angry phone calls from people in her address book.  They…


Cyber Security

CEO phishing – would you fall for it?

Companies still falling for CEO fraud - which is mainly carried out using phishing techniques. Could someone in your accounts…

maria in the office


Maria’s expert advice on laptop buying

By Maria Bisoceanu, Account Manager at Netstar. I frequently come across clients asking me, 'What is the best laptop for…

IT strategy

IT Best Practices

Want bigger profits? Time to ditch the break-fix IT strategy

In this post we look at some common IT issues and explain the very costly issues they can develop into…

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