Month:November 2018

improve security disaster recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Before you go on holiday, make sure you do these 3 things

  Sam went on holiday on the 18th of December and returned in the New Year.  He left in high…

notepad on desk


The 1 mistake you’re making working from home (and how to fix it)

Holly has been working at home ever since she had surgery on her leg and couldn’t make it into the…


IT Best Practices

8 clear signs it’s time to change IT provider

Many people are loathe to switch their IT providers, but changing tech makes it easier than it has been before.…

cloud computing


Practical advice on syncing your files to Autotask

What is Autotask Workplace? Nowadays it is not uncommon to find yourself working outside the office. Whether it is on…



Netstar’s information security management awarded ISO 27001

Leading London based IT Support company Netstar awarded prestigious standard for information security management.   ISO 27001 certification recognises Netstar’s…

mobile phone evolution


How mobile phone technology has changed over the last 40 years

Mobile phones allow us to easily keep in touch with others. These day they allow us to do so much…



On the hunt for a glass slipper: How to choose the right laptop for you

Choosing the right laptop can be a tricky process. Your team members will all have different needs and preferences.  Selecting…

USB and keyboard

Cyber Security

Did you know that connecting a device via USB could be a serious security risk?

USB drives can save a large amount of data, which can be transferred really quickly. But have you ever stopped…

cloud and laptop

Cloud Computing

Why you should embrace the cloud revolution

As cloud computing continues to grow and is now widely used by businesses across the globe, it seems the technology…

working on laptop and iPad

IT Best Practices

How technology has changed the way we work

Technology is involved in almost every aspect of our lives. Thanks to the internet and continuous development of Smart devices,…

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