3 Handy Tools to Remember Your Passwords, Part 2

October 10th, 2012 - Category - Cyber Security, IT Best Practices

Last time, we spoke about password security, we went over the importance of using strong passwords to avoid identity theft. In part two, we will discuss three easy password solutions that can help you manage all of your different passwords.

Like every tool, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. If a password tool is used incorrectly it will be ineffective, and it can be difficult to stop a determined hacker; but, using any password solution is better than using nothing at all. If your computer monitor is littered with password-filled sticky notes, then these solutions are definitely for you!


LastPass is a relatively inexpensive password solution. The strength of LastPass is that it encrypts your data and securely stores it over a cloud. LastPass works as an add-on to your web browser, and when you need to login to a site, you simply click the LastPass icon and it fills in the password for you.

LastPass stores your credentials in their own cloud. Some people may have doubts about keeping sensitive information on an offsite server, but when the data is encrypted it is useless to hackers. In fact, LastPass experienced a data breach in March 2011 and came out unscathed because all of the data was encrypted. Sony on the other hand, did not make out so well when they got hacked during the same month, all of their files weren’t encrypted and the criminals made off with passwords, emails, and credit card info.


The advantage of RoboForm is when it comes to filling out forms. If your line of work requires you to spend big chunks of time filling out forms with the same information (name, address, company name, etc.), then RoboForm will be a super handy tool for you because it automatically fills in every line! Like LastPass, RoboForm also utilises the cloud for data storage, making it a secure solution not only for your passwords, but all of your sensitive data.

RoboForm has a free 12 day trial period, and of the three, it is the most expensive solution, but it gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to accessing your passwords.

Though their pricing model seems a little nickel-and-dime, it’s a great solution that lands somewhere between the convenience of LastPass and the flexibility of the third solution, KeePass.


KeePass is a solid password managing option. The best part is that KeePass is open source and free. KeePass is a portable solution; it can be stored on a USB drive or smartphone, and installed on any computer. The nature of KeePass having open source roots means it is compatible with almost all gadgets and computer systems.

KeePass is not a cloud-based service, but you can easily use a cloud service with KeePass. Popular cloud storage service Dropbox works great, letting you store your password database on Dropbox and access it anywhere, and the best part is that they are both free! Dropbox recently added a two-factor identification security measure that will send a temporary password to your cell phone to access your account. If you combine KeePass and Dropbox, you are essentially adding an additional level of security for your passwords, this serves as an effective hacker deterrent. (We’ll write a tutorial for that in upcoming weeks!)

Even with these three solutions, there is still the risk of having your passwords compromised if your laptop or device is stolen. There are security solutions available for this as well, we will save this for part 3, or you could call Netstar at 02036 574 489, and we would be happy to discuss with you the security solutions that will work best for the unique needs of your business.

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