60% of UK workers say poor office technology prevents them from doing their jobs properly

A survey conducted by Chelsea Apps Factory has revealed that 7.5 million hours per week, are wasted due to poor office technology.

60% of respondents said that below par office technology, such as slow broadband and computers that are prone to crash caused them to lose working time every day (around 22 minutes per day, per employee). Almost half of respondents said that poor technology would be a reason for leaving their jobs.

The survey also reveals that most employees experience better technology at home than they do at work, with the exception of the office printer.

Missed opportunities for UK businesses as productivity hit by poor technology

On average, currently 22 minutes per employee per day (or 11 days per employee per year) are lost due to below-par technology. In a year, a business with 100 employees would waste £121,458 on wages alone due to wasted time. This is not to mention the 9,533 total hours of wasted time in a year, leading to missed revenue and potential growth that could have been achieved if that time had been spent productively.

  • 59% of people had a better personal mobile phone than the one given to them by their employer.
  • 50% of people said their personal tablet PC was better than their work one, 11% said the work one was better. The rest either didn’t have a tablet or noticed no difference.
  • Only 29% of people said that work had better broadband than their home. With the ever increasing amount of cloud services being taken up by businesses, this is concerning for productivity.
  • Only 23% of people thought their work wi-fi was better than their wi-fi at home.

“There is a significant gap between the technology that people have at home, and the technology that we have in the workplace”

Alwin Magimay, Head of Digital and Analytics at KPMG, said: “Business applications are becoming more consumer like, so as consumers and people that work in companies carry around iPads where they can do everything, such as reach their bank 24/7 and read the newspapers, they feel that when they come to the office to put that device away and log in to an old fashioned terminal is such a disconnect.”

Businesses need to invest in technology or otherwise risk under utilising their workforce and potentially losing staff.

Your IT partner should provide you with technology recommendations tailored to your business to ensure that your IT has the maximum positive impact.