At Netstar you can always be sure that you will receive a personal tailored service. Our team and their expertise is what makes Netstar. Each month we will be shining the spotlight on a different team member in our ‘Day in the Life of’ feature.

This month it’s a member of our Change and Request team Sarah2nd Line Service Engineer.

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Describe your job, what does a Service Desk Engineer typically do on a daily basis?

I am a member of the Change and Request Team normally… making changes! It can be things as simple as a new account needing to be created through to setting up new machines for end users, including setting up their VPN to be able to connect to the company network remotely. This involves talking to customers ranging from general office staff to Managing Directors of companies, all with different levels of IT knowledge and assisting them with their IT issues.

Whereabouts do you sit within your organisation? Who do you report to and what are your responsibilities?

I report to the Change Control Team Lead – Ian and sit with Craig. I am responsible for answering the tickets which come in to the helpdesk system, answering the phone to customers and trying to assist them with their problems, plus, learning all the various technologies which are supported.

What kind of skills do you need to be effective in your role?

Patience is a virtue and remembering that the customer is right…most of the time. You also shouldn’t be afraid of saying no at times to someone who is asking for something which could put their system at risk, however you have to remember how you say it – break it to people gently.

Being yourself is a key thing so your own personality shines through which can help put the customer at ease.

What kind of goals do you have? What metrics do you use in-house to measure performance?

To keep learning and progressing forward on the team. You can’t stop learning in IT as it is an ever changing industry.

My first goal is to get my CCNA qualification and then start my Microsoft qualifications after that. I haven’t had the opportunity in my career to get any formal qualifications, so it would be nice to also have most of the alphabet after my name!

As a company we have various displays set up around the office, showing a comprehensive breakdown of individual call and ticket statistics, as well as having a summary of how well we are doing company-wide for that day.

What are your favourite tools to get the job done?

The software tools we have at our disposal like Labtech are amazing. The ticket desk system ConnectWise is brilliant as you have everything in one place and the two of them linking together means we can get the job done faster with less down time to the end user.

The ability to also remotely carry out maintenance on a machine once the LabTech client is installed is also a great thing, and the team here have a range of scripts which make our job easier.

Any stats within the company are clear – you know how many calls you are taking or tickets you are closing – and the stats are in clear view for everyone to keep an eye on.

Why did you choose to work at Netstar? What do you love about your job?

It is a big change from where I was before and a completely different clientele from who I was used to dealing with. It is a positive change overall. It’s a different way of doing things – I have a formal training plan, I know where they want me to be with my skill set and the guys and girls who work here are a great group to be around.

How did you get started in your industry?

Computers have always been something I have been interested in from a young age so it was a natural choice for me to study them when I was in school. From there I went in to administrative work to get some work experience and was lucky to get a junior support position for a local company.

What’s your favourite piece of tech or gadget?

Other than the usual suspects like my iPhone and iPad – I have to say my DSLR camera 🙂 – A Canon EOS 7D. In my spare time I like taking pictures of life in general. It’s normally not far from around my neck at weekends!

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