By Michael Johnson, Head of Account Management

Let me take you back to 4pm yesterday:

Just your average working day. Only a few hours and then off to enjoy a game of squash with a friend.

Oh wait, did I reply and confirm I’d meet up?

My iPhone’s in front of me, perfect time to just message back. As I unlock the home screen *BAM* phone goes black.

Umm…. (my thought process was pretty blank at this point).

It won’t turn on…what now?

After an eventful day with no phone I have come to realise just how much I rely on my iPhone.

life without an iPhone

“It was horrible, it just died out of nowhere!”

The initial problems started at work.

With layered IT security and two-factor authentication, logging into my work computer was a no-go without technical support. My E-mails? Could not be accessed. All my authenticator apps were on the dead iPhone.

In the midst of it all, I had forgotten to text my friend about our rendezvous later on.  I was going to go anyway. Just then, another problem hit. How should I let my girlfriend know I’m going out later?

I know what you’re thinking, use someone else’s phone, right?

One tiny issue is that I don’t know any of my contacts off by heart.

They’re saved to the phone, when have I ever had to remember them? It’s not the early 2000s.

This needed to be fixed and ASAP! So off I went to the nearest Apple Store.

Does anyone know how to find the nearest Apple Store without a working phone and accessible desktop?!

I found one eventually and the news was bad. It was official, the time had come for my iPhone to move on to a better life in the sky.

Dead iPhone, Netstar IT Support London

My cycle home was depressing.

No music to listen to, that was stored on my phone.

At home I was going to relax, you know, read a little. Can’t do that. The Kindle App was on my iPhone.

Well, tomorrow’s a new day, I thought.

I had a meeting planned, so I’d check train times for tomorrow. Can’t do that.

An alarm to wake up in the morning? Can’t do that.

Group chats and messages? Can’t do that.

After my pain and horror of experiencing such an IT death, I feel I must share what I have learnt from the ordeal.

#Number 1 → is to order a new phone as soon as possible, I’m sure when mine arrives in a few hours I will be much happier.

(I would take a before and after picture….I did not however anticipate my phone dying!).

#Number 2 → is realising how much I relied on my iPhone, for contacts and entertainment. A second device is well worth investing in, especially if you need something to tide you over. This morning, I brought in my iPad.

#Number 3  → is to BACK UP YOUR DEVICE. I spent the last few weeks overseas having an amazing holiday on the West Coast of America. ALL MY PHOTOS (except those embarrassing Instagram ones) are on my dead phone.

Should you face this atrocity in the future, I hope my experience can help you think about how you backup your devices. Luckily I had backed up to the cloud. So when I did get a new phone I would be able to restore from there.

It didn’t want to be in the spotlight any longer. R.i.P. iPhone you will be missed.


*As an update, I’d like to welcome a new iPhone to the team. It just arrived!*