Our promise to you:

  • You’ll always be able to get hold of us, no matter what. Our Service Desk is available via phone, email, or our ITSupportPanel app 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • We start working on your critical issues in just 10 minutes or less. Our response time is the time taken to start working on your problem – not just the time taken to acknowledge it.
  • If your problem is critical and preventing your business from operating, you’ll jump the queue and receive efficient IT support immediately.
  • We will proactively monitor your systems, identifying and solving IT issues before they can disrupt your business.


Our SLAs and response times

Priority 1 – Critical

A central problem where more than one user is prevented from working, for example email is not working across the company. We’ll start working on it within 10 minutes (30 minutes outside of office hours) and if required an engineer will be dispatched instantly (4 hours outside of office hours).

Priority 2 – Standard

A technical business IT support query relating to malfunction, for example one person is unable to print. We’ll start working on it within 30 minutes and if required an engineer will be dispatched within 3 hours (8 hours out of office hours)

Priority 3 – Enhancement

A request for user guidance or administrative notifications, for example changing someone’s access permissions. We’ll start working on it within 1 hour and if required and engineer will be dispatched within 4 hours.

Priority 4 – New Request

For example, a new user setup or email account created. We’ll start working on it within 4 hours and if required an engineer will be dispatched within 2 days.

Paul Squirrel Director thenetworkone

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“The primary difference now we work with Netstar is that I actually get to sleep at night and I don’t have to worry that the server is going to crash and I’m going to get a phone call.

It’s sorted for me and this is what I want.”

Paul Squirrel
Director, thenetworkone

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Our proactive approach

As well as responding to your IT issues quickly and effectively, we will also continually monitor your systems, so we are aware of any issues as soon as they arise. This way, we can start working on them before they develop into a serious problem that stops you from working. Our proactive approach prevents many IT problems from occurring in the first instance, helping you stay as productive as possible.

And we don’t just monitor you, we also monitor ourselves. This includes, all service requests, response times, resolve times, and customer satisfaction responses. This helps us ensure our SLAs are met and enables you to view the progress of your service request at any point.