We proactively manage your IT, constantly monitoring your systems so we are always aware of any issues as soon as they arise. This way, we can start working on them before they develop into a serious problem that stops you from working.

Through a proactive approach we prevent many IT problems from occurring. However, there will still be occasions when you may need to contact us with a change/request or times when a fast response is required.

We promise that:

  • You’ll always be able to get hold of us, no matter what.
  • Our response time is the time taken to start working on your problem- not just the time taken to acknowledge it.
  • We start working on your problems within 10 minutes.
  • Business critical issues jump the queue.
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We provide unlimited remote and onsite support for our clients. Our helpdesk is available via phone, email, our desktop application or through our online portal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our response times are published below.

In addition to providing reactive and proactive support, we also provide strategic advice, technology consulting and a dedicated IT Director service – to make sure your IT is working for your business and fueling future growth. Your IT Director will provide recommendations and draw up a projected three year IT roadmap and budget for your business – focusing on growth and reducing cost.

Our SLAs and response times

Priority 1 – Critical

A central problem where more than one user is prevented from working, for example email is not working across the company. We’ll start working on it within 10 minutes (30 minutes outside of office hours) and if required an engineer will be dispatched instantly (4 hours outside of office hours).

Priority 2 – Standard

A technical business IT support query relating to malfunction, for example one person is unable to print. We’ll start working on it within 30 minutes and if required an engineer will be dispatched within 3 hours (8 hours out of office hours)

Priority 3 – Enhancement

A request for user guidance or administrative notifications, for example changing someone’s access permissions. We’ll start working on it within 1 hour and if required and engineer will be dispatched within 4 hours.

Priority 4 – New Request

For example, a new user setup or email account created. We’ll start working on it within 4 hours and if required an engineer will be dispatched within 2 days.

We monitor everything and put our SLAs up for all to see – All of our clients’ IT systems are monitored at all times. If anything happens, we usually know about it before they do. And we don’t just monitor our clients, but we also monitor ourselves. Tickets, response and resolve times, customer satisfaction responses and engineer availability are all tracked. Which means you can monitor progress against your ticket online and that our team leads can easily keep an eye over everything to ensure our SLAs are always met.

Our processes



As well as our reactive processes (detailed above) and our normal proactive approach to your IT – we also follow other processes which differentiate us from the majority of IT Support partners.

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. This means we have been independently audited and have been found to follow strict procedures to ensure quality control (ISO 9001) and security management/data protection (ISO 9001).