Just yesterday, mobile gadget giant Apple released their latest update available for iPod Touch (4th generation and later), iPhone (3rd generation and later) and iPad (2nd generation and later) devices. As well as offering improved performance features since the previous update in December last year, iOS 6.1 includes better LTE (Long-Term Evolution) support, more bug fixes and extra features for voice assistant Siri.

Apple has already dubbed the new update to be “the world’s most advanced mobile operating system” and it’s one of the most popular OS versions in history with 300 million downloads across the globe since its release.

iOS 6.1 Features

Despite needing 1GB of storage space, the advanced security systems, including Kernel, WebKit and StoreKit tweaks, really make this update worth downloading.

Apple has also introduced the Advertising Identifier – a temporary ad tracking feature which acts as a control room for informing advertisers on your web activity. This convenient button can be reset at any time. By limiting ad tracking, advertisers will not be able to use the Identifier to serve you targeted ads.

iTunes match subscribers can now easily download individual songs via iCloud, and Safari users can enjoy ultra fast browsing.

Downloading iOS 6.1

To download iOS 6.1 simply go to settings then select the ‘general’ option.  As you will need at least 1GB of storage space, it’s a good idea to clean up your device by tapping the usage settings button. This will enable you to delete apps you no longer use or get rid of music, videos and other items on iTunes. If you’re an iCloud user, be prepared as you may have to answer a few security questions before the update can successfully install.

Backing up your device before you download any new upgrades is always worthwhile as if anything were to go wrong, you can simply restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod without losing any data. Installing iOS 6.1 should take no more than 15 minutes, so depending on how much battery your device has, it may be worth putting it on charge.

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