Unless you’ve been trapped in a store cupboard for the last few years, you’ll know we’ve entered an era of touch screen computing. And with more and more mobile devices coming onto the market, it appears tablets are here to stay.

Although many manufacturers claim their devices are business friendly, in terms of the corporate world, what can these nifty mobile computers actually offer?

Tablets make a lot of sense for use in the home and travelling, where you can watch movies, play games, listen to music and browse the web, but (unless you’ve got the world’s best job) that’s not what business workers are doing.

Back in 2010, a ChangeWave survey discovered the corporate demand for Apple’s iPads was significantly on the rise. ChangeWave asked businesses which functions they used their tablets for. Internet access and checking emails were the top two tasks, closely followed by working away from the office and offering sales support.

These days Apple claim they have an iPad for every business, and with “iO6 and thousands of business apps, iPads can transform the way you work.” Despite corporate favourites like Dell, HP and Microsoft now offering alternatives, it seems iPad remains the favourite. However, it’s important to remember Apple devices can’t run Windows software, so need to be used alongside your PC.

Whether you want to expand your company’s IT platforms and/or offer a flexible approach for your customers, many businesses are beginning to invest in the benefits of tablets. Although they may not be replacing your PC anytime soon, the new technology most certainly has the potential to help improve and expand your services.

Does My Business Need Tablets?

Going out and buying a shed load of tablets for all your employees is an expensive and risky move, but with the right planning and management they can be highly beneficial.

If you’re moving towards a flexible cloud based system, tablets will certainly fit in. For those using Windows, the Microsoft Surface or Dell Latitude 10 are good options to consider. Apple and Google tablets can still be used, but they must be managed separately. The iPad in particular is great for ‘bring your own device schemes’ and the iOS 6 now supports secure email and locked-down profiles.

Tablets can transform IT strategy; their features make your working life easier as you’re no longer dependent on large, complicated spreadsheets or physical input. Whether you’re tired of checking your emails on a tiny mobile phone screen or want to adapt the way your company works, these nifty devices are most definitely worth taking seriously.

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