data backup

At the heart of many businesses, looking after our data is crucial, yet this is something many companies fail to acknowledge. It’s hard to imagine the devastating effects which loss of data can bring. It could cost you considerable amounts of time and money, leaving other areas of your business to suffer or worse, it could mean the end of your company all together.

Many people think the chance of this occurring is very unlikely, but it does happen. With the accelerating use of mobile devices and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, backup and security is now more important than ever.

Around three quarters of employees are permitted to access business data from mobile devices and many employees will openly admit they often use Smartphones to look at work information when they’re in public areas. As well as being at high risk for theft, many people fail to install passwords on their tablets and mobile phones, so accessing personal and work information is easier than ever.

Data Backup and Recovery Plans

You wouldn’t go abroad or drive your car without insurance and your company’s data is no different. You need an effective in plan in place so you’re covered when disaster strikes. Accidentally deleting that important report or file is all too easy, but providing you have a system to fall back on, there is nothing to worry about.

Implementing a secure, thorough plan yourself can be a difficult and time consuming task and unless you’re an IT expert, you’ll never really know if your data is fully covered. Unfortunately, data backup is not a one off process and needs to be looked into regularly to stay as secure as possible. Enlisting the help of a specialist IT services company is certainly worth considering. Here at Netstar we can take the stress and pressures of IT backup and security off your mind.

With our best practice procedures we ensure companies are fully protected, keeping your system backed up with security logs, VPN (Virtual Private Network) policies, antivirus and security software, and much more.

The importance of your data will determine how it should be backed up and how often your plan should be reviewed. The frequency of data change will also affect this decision, for instance if you alter files on a daily basis, they should be backed up on a daily basis.

To make the process of data backup even easier, you could choose to invest in the right cloud-based solutions for your business. We advise our clients on what tools will be the most effective for their business, and direct to cloud backup can facilitate data backup with ease. This means your data will be backed up in a remote center. Speak to us to find out more.

No matter what your plan is, businesses always want to recover their data as quickly as possible. We are always available to lend our clients a helping hand 24/7 and offer full recovery within 4 hours. If you wish we can also store back-ups for you off-site at a secure location, protecting you against natural disasters.

For more information get in touch with us today and we will advise you on choosing the right technology for you, to keep your data secure and backed up.