Many companies, small and large, choose to outsource their IT to an expert IT Support Company, but what benefits does this bring about as opposed to having your own internal IT staff and managing this yourself? The benefits can be many-fold, including reduced costs, higher productivity, and reduced downtime.

IT Outsourcing – The Benefits

  • Reduce costs – Outsourcing your IT can provide many cost savings. You no longer have to pay salaries, insurance, paid leave, sick pay and training for your employees. What’s more, your IT support partner will never take the day off sick or go on holiday!
  • Improve your business’ efficiency – Outsourcing your IT support reduces downtime for all employees, and you can continue to be productive when IT issues do arise. No longer will you time be taken up trying to fix problems.
  • Control costs – With an IT support company, you will always be aware of your IT expenses on a monthly basis. You will pay a predictable monthly fee, and with Netstar you can take advantage of five-year IT budget forecasts covering any improvements and upgrades that may be required to your systems.
  • Access to experts – With an expert IT support provider, you will always be able to draw upon years of experience, so you know that the skills are always available to implement whatever solution you are looking for. Our engineers keep up to date on all the latest developments in the industry, are trained to the highest standards, and are constantly learning new skills and techniques.
  • Improved productivity – With a quality IT support company, your systems will be monitored and maintained proactively, even when everything is working correctly. This ensure that any faults can be found and fixed before they cause you a problem. With Netstar, most of the support you require will be carried out remotely, so disturbance to your day-to-day activities is very rare.

Regis PLC reap the benefits of Full IT Outsourcing to Netstar

Regis PLC selected Netstar as their IT Support partner in 2006, and have enjoyed the benefits of a fully outsourced, strategic partnership ever since.

  • Old equipment upgraded and condensed into one smaller, easier to manage piece of server hardware (virtualised Windows Server 2012 environment).
  • Comprehensive security and disaster recovery solution installed.
  • Enhanced connectivity, increasing productivity of staff. Installed VoIP telephony solution to improve communication options and lower costs.

“By partnering with Netstar we are reaping the benefits of outsourcing our IT to a professional IT Support company.”

Paul McFayden – Regis Group Managing Director.