remote working

Remote working capabilities have improved considerably in recent years with the advance in WiFi and cloud access. Many employees in large and small organisations frequently work remotely.

Working from home no longer need mean any loss of productivity. It is now possible to do anything you could do in your office, remotely. For some business, face to face contact may be preferable, but conference calls and video links make for an attractive and effective alternative.

Cloud computing and remote working

Having access to your files and programmes through the cloud means you never need to worry about how you are going to work when you are away from the office. You can easily access everything you need whenever and wherever you want it. The days of needing to email yourself documents or carry them on a USB stick are over. Cloud computing makes remote working a breeze. You may find you’re more productive away from the office than in it!

Benefits for employees and business owners

Both your company and employees can benefit dramatically from remote working. Benefits include the following:

  • Access all of your files, wherever you are.
  • Run any of your business specific software, regardless of device.
  • Save money, time and lower your carbon footprint with reduced commuting.
  • No longer be affected by things like transport strikes and disruptions.
  • Need to stay late to catch up or finish a project? Do it at home.
  • Enjoy a better work-life balance.
  • Employ the right people for your organisation, even if they live too far away.
  • Save space in your office, and save money on rent, by allowing employees to work remotely.

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