Last week saw the release of Blackberry 10 – a brand new operating system for Blackberry smart phones.

Pop singer Pixie Lott unveiled the first BB10 phone at Oxford Street’s Phones4U last Thursday. The Z10 is considerably cheaper than competitor devices and features the Blackberry Hub, a central messaging centre which users can easily access from anywhere on their phone. This new system brings together social media updates, instant messaging and emails, so you can send and receive messages from several accounts all in one place.

The Blackberry 10 reveals how the company is focused on multitasking and messaging, sticking with their strong experience and success in business and communications. However, with 70,000 additional apps available for the new devices, including Skype and access to music, television shows and movies on Blackberry World, the new system is ideal for people from all walks of life.

Fancy new picture apps ensure everyone has their eyes open in group photos, while classics like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope will appeal to large audiences.

Blackberry 10 Devices

The Blackberry Z10 is the company’s first touch screen device with a design which allows users to flow through applications easily with swipes and other gestures. This feature was put in place to attract users who are used to a physical keyboard and will rival competitors who adopt a more in and out touch screen nature. The Z10 also includes a handy feature which remembers words and phrases used most regularly and suggests these when the user is messaging.

The Blackberry Q10 device will be released in the UK in April and features a QWERTY keyboard and laminated glass back which is lighter, yet stronger than the older plastic devices.

Both devices include a new Blackberry Messaging video call function – a tool which will appeal to businesses as it enables users to share screens.

Having not had a product launch in over a year, Blackberry’s market share has significantly fallen. Speaking about the launch, Blackberry’s Chief Executive Thorsten Heins said the company had to make a serious decision; either adopt someone else’s platform or create a brand new one for Blackberry. The company made a tough call and decided to go it alone.

With improved web browsing (the weakest feature on their older devices) and loads of new convenient features, it is hoped the new gadgets will be Blackberry’s savoir.

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