Achieving efficiency in business is a challenge when you’re facing problems such as the ones detailed in the below infographic.

These are all common problems that can be overcome with the correct technology solutions and business processes. Do any of these seem familiar to you?

Work time and resources lost to slow computers

  • 5.5 days per year lost to slow computers (2.75% based on 200 work days)
  • Average London salary – £35,000
  • 2.75% of employees time on average is wasted due to slow computers
  • Annual cost of time waste per employee: £963
  • The opportunity cost of time wasted is on average double the wage of the person who’s time is wasted
  • Average annual opportunity cost of IT time waste per employee: £1,926

60% or less of total work time is actually spent productively.

Inadequate Business Processes cause more time to be lost

  • Most companies have no business level document management system and key documents are spread amongst DropBox, Google Drive, servers, mail attachments, desktops etc.
  • On average, people send and receive 15 emails with attachments per day
  • Most businesses do not have any way to collaboratively work on documents, with one version that stays up to date.
  • 50% of businesses wait for hardware and software to become obsolete before considering an upgrade – losing years of productivity boosts
  • 67% of average businesses still predominantly use spreadsheet for reporting and planning
  • Companies with automated planning processes 59% more likely to have planning accuracy within 5% of original assumptions
  • 20% of the EU workforce spends more than 10 working hours per week out of the office
  • 96% of execs cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.
  • Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest growing commercial product ever, thanks to its collaboration, remote working and productivity features

Over 83% of business process owners believe that improving customer facing document processes will increase revenue by 10.1% – e.g. improving customer communications, streamlining sales and customer processes & improving customer support


  • 62 meetings attended monthly, by most employees
  • 50% of meetings considered a waste of time by attendees
  • 31 hours spent in unproductive meetings per month
  • Average cost: £543 per employee per month

Other time wasters

  • General Interruptions – 2 hours spent refocusing per day after interruptions
  • 3 minutes spent working before the average employee switches tasks.
  • Employees check email on average 36 times an hour
  • 16 minutes spent (average) refocusing after handling incoming email.

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