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Foreign exchange specialists, Argentex, have been partnered with Netstar since their inception in 2011. Having a reliable, proactive, and security-conscious IT provider is incredibly important for them to ensure optimal business performance and data protection.

This case study outlines the ongoing benefits Argentex have experienced throughout the partnership, as well as how Netstar’s quick response helped them during an unexpected crisis.

Key achievements

  • Quickly implemented the necessary security measures to ensure data is protected when working remotely
  • Responded quickly and effectively in a crisis situation, going above and beyond to restore functionality
  • Providing quick, reliable, and expert ongoing IT support, establishing a successful long-term partnership with Argentex’s internal IT team

The client

Argentex is a foreign exchange specialist who provide bespoke advisory and execution services to corporates, institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organisations.

Argentex are focused on ensuring its interests are aligned with those of its clients, namely the security of funds, functional efficiency, and commercial competitiveness, all of which require a reliable IT infrastructure.

Additionally, Argentex are listed on the London Stock Exchange and are FCA regulated. As such, having a stringent cyber security strategy to protect their and their clients’ data is a priority.

Invaluable IT support and advice during the pandemic

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Netstar were quick to respond to Argentex’s requests. Due to the national lockdown, like many other businesses, Argentex’s entire team were forced to transition to remote working quickly without impacting their client experience.

As mentioned, cyber security is a priority for Argentex, given their position in the financial services sector. So, when their team began working from home, they knew they faced increased risk that they needed to mitigate as quickly as possible.

To help improve their cyber security when working from home, Netstar implemented multi-factor authentication, as an addition to their multi-layered security strategy. Multi-factor authentication requires employees to verify their identity in two or more ways before being granted access to their account, this usually refers to a password and a mobile app verification.

Russ Fowden, Systems Architect at Argentex says, “multi-factor authentication was implemented quickly and seamlessly, enabling us to maximise our security when we needed it most.”

He also emphasised, “we were extremely impressed by Netstar’s rapid and professional response, especially given that I imagine all of their other clients were asking for similar enhancements!”

Vital IT support in a crisis

Recently, Argentex experienced a potentially catastrophic and unpredictable crisis. A plumbing issue caused by building work on the floor above their office cause their server room to flood. This affected some key hardware that needed to be fixed immediately.

Netstar quickly arranged for an experienced Cisco engineer to arrive onsite in just a few hours, whilst other members of the team were on hand to assist remotely. They then worked alongside Argentex’s internal IT team to diagnose and resolve any issues efficiently. This meant they were back up and running quickly with no impact to their client service. Additionally, on Monday morning, experienced Netstar IT engineers visited site to ensure everything was working as expected.

Russ Fowden, Systems Architect at Argentex comments, “Netstar Managing Director, Mit, even visited us at 8am on Monday to check we were happy, after taking a personal interest in the issue from the outset.”

Netstar’s proactive approach meant they were able to fix the flooded hardware quickly and effectively, enabling Argentex to open as usual on Monday morning.

They went well beyond the call of duty. The most impressive thing was the complete willingness of all involved to give up their weekend and help us ensure our systems were running smoothly.

Russ Fowden, Argentex

Because Argentex have been partnered with Netstar since their inception, their entire server room infrastructure was originally specified by Netstar, in collaboration with Argentex’s own IT team. Although a server room flood is certainly unexpected and difficult to prepare for, Russ partly attributes the resilience of their server room, and ability to withstand a crisis, to Netstar’s original specification saying:

“The high-level resilience in the design of our server room was certainly a key factor in enabling us to recover so quickly. We can offer nothing but the highest praise for all concerned and the culture of Netstar who immediately grasped that, as a busy Foreign Exchange brokerage, we needed to solve the issue urgently.”

Argentex’s recommendation for business looking to switch IT Support providers

Russ Fowden, Argentex, Case Study, Netstar

“In my view any potential provider needs to demonstrate a wide range of experience among their staff, understand your business and where your priorities are, and have a proven track record of working successfully with similar businesses. A can-do attitude is also a must.”

Russ Fowden
Systems Architect, Argentex, Soho, London 


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