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The client

Baronsmead is a leading independent specialist risk consultant and insurance broker, providing financial risk insurance and advice to the alternative investment management industry. Headquartered in London, Baronsmead also have offices in the key fund centres: Dublin, Guernsey, Jersey and the Cayman Islands.

In order to provide outstanding customer service across the jurisdictions in which they operate, Baronsmead require highly available, robust and secure IT Solutions – in the office, on the go and remotely..

What they wanted to achieve

Like many small businesses, Baronsmead had learnt the hard way just how difficult it can be to get good IT advice and service. When their IT services were migrated to the cloud they unfortunately suffered more frequent system downtime. Unhappy that their productivity and performance had been affected, they made the proactive decision to evaluate alternative IT Support Partners.

The solution

After examining the performance-related issues caused by Baronsmead’s existing cloud set up, Netstar proposed a cost-efficient solution to ensure a secure & powerful IT Infrastructure for Baronsmead. To achieve reliable connectivity and maximum uptime Netstar migrated Baronsmead’s systems and data to their highly secure Tier 3 datacentre and cloud enabled platform. The London based datacentre utilises robust biometric identity scanners and provides a secure environment to store Baronsmead’s documents and data. Baronsmead’s data and applications are now hosted on Netstar’s secure servers which can only be accessed over the internet by authorised users. Moreover, Netstar implemented remote desktop connectivity to give Baronsmead staff a faster user experience.

The results

  • Increased operation efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduced downtime due to highly reliable data centre hardware and connection.
  • Highly available, secure, remote working and collaborative working – increased flexibility and productivity of staff.

With the help of Netstar we are experiencing the benefits of a fast and reliable cloud based IT infrastructure. We have the flexibility to rapidly scale the system to meet our needs when required.

Robert Kelly, Senior Partner at Baronsmead

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