Capio Nightingale Hospital

Licensing issues force new approach

Due to a historical business divestment that left their software licensing rather ‘blurry’, Capio Nightingale Hospital found itself under threat of action from Microsoft for licensing infringements.

Coupled with an ageing IT environment that was impacting the business through hardware performance issues, Nightingale needed an IT expert to step in to help them take care of their setup and offer a solution which would comply with Microsoft requirements (whilst also meeting their budgetary constraints).

The hospital was introduced to Netstar through a former hospital employee, and we met quickly to understand their predicament and offer some suggestions that would satisfy all parties.

Need for speedy resolution to licensing

The complexities of the Capio business divestment meant that Nightingale’s licensing arrangement for its more than 100 machines and servers across their large network on its site was unclear. There was simply no clear picture of what existed where and we understood immediately that Nightingale needed to take stock of the situation quickly.

Our first step was to undertake a review of their IT systems including a full inventory of hardware and software at the site. The information gathered gave us a complete picture of the immediate software requirements and the business to discuss its conformity requirements with Microsoft with a knowledgeable and confident position.

After calculating the costs of licensing and examining the performance-related losses due to their existing equipment, we proposed that a complete swap-out of the old hardware would be the most cost efficient way of solving both the performance issue and the Microsoft licensing requirements in one easy step.

A single solution

We worked closely with Nightingale’s own IT Officer throughout the inventory and swap- out that included six new servers and machines for all users within the office, including an inventory of laptops.

We recommended that each machine have its own license for Microsoft Windows and Office and that they be configured with the same setup so that the internal infrastructure could be better managed and updated as needed, saving time in the future and ensuring compliance.

To provide further support and ensure that important patient data is never lost due to an outage or failure, we included a disaster recovery system and antivirus protection to the network.

These added features, combined with an up-to-date inventory and consistency of networked machines means that Nightingale has a more solid IT setup and can more easily manage their licensing and updates in the future. The cost-savings of this project are estimated to be around £5,000 per year in addition to savings from the penalties and possible action due to licensing.

IT is very important within the Healthcare arena and it is imperative it remains reliable. The steps taken with Netstar’s help have achieved our immediate goals, they have complimented our in-house provisions perfectly. Netstar display admirable professionalism throughout the entire organisation; with an overarching dedication to customer service. A great asset to any organisation with an IT need; no matter what size or industry they happen to be.

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