Collaborate London Talk About Switching Their IT Provider to Netstar

June 21st, 2019


Richard Martin, Managing Director, Collaborate London Ltd

My company Collaborate is an independent furniture company and we supply office furniture to clients around the UK.

The reason we started working with Netstar was we’d had an incumbent supplier for a number of years and we felt we were being taken for granted and the level of service was falling away.

What was different about Netstar, is they listened to our requirements that we’d identified, they also asked some great questions which identified areas of weakness in the system that we currently had and have come up with some fantastic solutions.

They offer us a huge amount of security. We know things will be working. This allows us to focus on our clients and deliver the best service to them.

The way our experience has changed since Netstar has taken over is that we are actually being provided with just the right amount of information.

We’re not actually having to instigate any questions, they seem to be being dealt with prior to it becoming an issue to my business.

Things do go wrong, as and when they do, even outside normal working hours we’ve had people to be able to sort them out.

What I would say to a company that is looking at changing, or considering changing, is have a meeting with them and see what you think because it’s about people buying off people and we felt instant confidence with the Netstar team that came in and we’ve been looked after very well ever since.

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