Netstar reduce Curtin&Co’s IT expenditure by almost 50% whilst providing superior service!

November 25th, 2013

Curtin&Co identify Netstar as rapid response IT Support Partner

In 2012, Curtin&Co made the decision to review their IT Support Company as their existing supplier was not providing them with swift incident resolution and the quality of service they required.

Curtin&Co selected Netstar as their IT Support Partner of choice after a stringent evaluation against two rival companies.

Curtin&Co were impressed with Netstar’s proven track record of meeting and exceeding client expectations and witnessed Netstar’s dedication to providing superior IT support first hand when they visited Netstar offices during the selection process.

Key Benefits of Switching IT Support to Netstar

  • Annual IT spend reduced by almost 50% resulting in increased profits.
  • Incidents reduced significantly enabling greater employee productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Average resolution time reduced from 4 hours to 1 hour enabling optimal operational efficiency.


Aonghus Curtin – Curtin&Co Business Development Director comments,

“By partnering with Netstar we are benefitting from a dramatically enhanced level of service, ensuring optimal uptime of our business-critical IT services. Additionally, we are of course delighted that our decision to switch to Netstar has reduced our annual IT spend by almost 50%.

We were apprehensive to engage with a new IT Support partner after experiencing sub-standard and expensive service from our previous provider, however Netstar have restored our faith in outsourced IT support.”

Netstar to the rescue after theft of IT Equipment

Netstar believe that IT Support should be rapid. This was demonstrated in July 2013 when Curtin&Co unfortunately suffered the disruption of a burglary.  After being notified of the incident, Netstar immediately set about replacing and re-configuring the stolen laptops and hardware – enabling Curtin&Co to be fully operational within 24 hours.

Vick Patel – Netstar Director adds:

“We are proud to provide Curtin&Co with cost-effective, efficient and proactive 24x7x365 IT Support. When things go wrong for Curtin&Co, we make them right. When things are right, we keep them that way and make them even quicker, more reliable, and more efficient.”

About Curtin&Co

Based in Oxford Street, London, Curtin&Co’s 20 highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel work in the fields of political and stakeholder engagement surrounding development proposals and in assisting companies in protecting and enhancing their reputations. In order to provide their clients with exceptional service, they require a robust, reliable and secure IT infrastructure.


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