When Gryphon Property Partners opened for business, the partners had already had experience with other London IT companies, large and small, and knew how frustrating it could be having to wait around for service or how costly it could be to a business to invest in IT equipment.

Having researched several other IT companies and not found what they needed, Netstar was recommended to the Partners and we met to discuss their needs and strict budgetary requirements.

Looking for guidance

Because Gryphon Property Partners was a new business, they needed a completely fresh installation of an entire network, including the server, email accounts, and personal computers and other peripherals to support the six member team. As they were going into a new office space, they also needed help with running cabling throughout the office space.

One of the key needs from their new IT setup was the ability to access information remotely from the field or from home.

They were looking for an IT expert that could not just recommend the right equipment and install it, but also someone that could make the transition to their new office pleasant and painless – above all to their budget.

Making IT a pleasant experience

After making an initial recommendation of the right equipment and IT setup that fit within their budget and met their future requirements, we went to work at the new office space installing all the equipment and setting up the personal computers, complete with the required software.

The reliable IT setup we installed meant they would experience minimal downtime and gave them a redundancy system for their emails so that even if the server experienced issues, they could continue to work and not lose any valuable client communication time.

While the partners focused on all the preparations for their new business, we made sure that IT would be one less worry. Before they were due to arrive at their new offices, we tested the entire IT system – both within the office itself and remotely – to ensure it was functioning flawlessly. This extra care and attention meant that Gryphon could hit the ground running from day one of business without so much as a hiccup.

Our whole experience with Netstar to date has been a delight! Finding an IT company that exceeds your expectation and takes off all the pressure is a delight!

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