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The client

Human One is a recruitment firm in central London that has been providing high calibre staff to iconic London hotels, restaurants and bars for over 20 years.

Like many small businesses, Human One identify that the right technology solutions are vital to their success. However, any IT improvements must be in line with budget.

What they wanted to achieve

The client was using their server for emails, file storage and all centralised management of their network. Due to reach the end of its three-year life cycle and warranty, it presented a real risk to the business for hardware failure, which would result in productivity loss. As a result, they needed:

  1. New server recommendations
  2. Server migration support
  3. Limited interruption to the business whilst implementing the new server
  4. Secure file and email access for staff

The solution

Rather than simply replacing the server, a solution was identified which enabled Human One to upgrade their hardware at a time that suited their budget. Steps were also taken to reduce risk prior to the implementation of the new server. Resources were freed up on the existing server by migrating email to the Cloud with Office 365.

The reduced burden made the current server more reliable and reduced risk whilst planning the implementation of the replacement. The staged migration and upgrade also helped split costs across two years, as opposed to one large upfront cost.

The results

Human One experienced a faster, more easily accessible email service that was more reliable than their previous setup, as user mailboxes were moved to Office 365 in the cloud.

When the extended server warranty was approaching expiry a year later, Netstar migrated all files and other services onto new hardware running Windows Server 2012. The new server provided Human One staff with reliable and fast access to files, and was easy to access remotely.

Through the implementation of cloud based systems Netstar helped Human One reduce pressure on their existing server and improve remote email access. The reduced burden on in-house infrastructure ensured that their IT systems remained scalable in the future.

We were keen to replace our server due to its importance in our IT set-up. Netstar found a solution that fit with our budget and reduced risk while we planned for the server upgrade. Since our mailboxes were moved to Office 365, we have enjoyed increased access to emails, and never have periods of downtime where emails are unavailable. Our new server is reliable, allowing us to easily access files regardless of whether we’re in the office.

Amber Whalley, Director of Operations at Human One

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