KCG Audit

Netstar helps KCG Audit achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation!

KCG Audit is a leading provider of specialist risk assurance and internal audit services to the Higher Education sector in London and South England. They switched IT support providers in 2018, opting to partner with Netstar due to their reputation for efficiency, reliability, and best-in-class cyber security.

The client

KCG Audit independently assess Higher Education institutions to analyse the functionality and success of their internal structure. This includes improving board structure, creating corporate strategies, and evaluating overall performance in line with goals that have been set.

The nature of their work means that KCG Audit are required to manage a large amount of client data. As such, cyber security is a priority for them, and by choosing to partner with Netstar they benefit from an effective, multi-layered cyber security strategy, as well as responsive, expert security advice.

Dedicated support: KCG Audit achieve their Cyber Essentials certification!Cyber Essentials Plus cyber security solution

Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme that helps businesses guard against the most common cyber threats. Businesses who are Cyber Essentials certified will have taken the necessary measures to prove their dedication to cyber security and data protection.

KCG Audit recognised the value of gaining a Cyber Essentials accreditation and knew they needed to obtain their own certification as quickly as possible to prove to their clients the robustness of their cyber security strategy.

Being Cyber Essentials Plus certified themselves, Netstar have all the necessary knowledge and experience to support their clients in obtaining their own security accreditations.

Due to the urgency of KCG Audit’s request, Netstar went above and beyond to support them in gaining their accreditation as quickly as possible. In fact, Projects and Professional Services Manager, Sanish’s, cyber security expertise and impressive work ethic, meant that KCG Audit were able to obtain their own Cyber Essentials certification in just three days! Needless to say, KCG Audit were delighted with such a quick and efficient result.

Going forwards, KCG Audit and Netstar will continue to work together to optimise KCG Audit’s cyber security. As new threats emerge and risks increase, KCG Audit know they will need to adapt their cyber security strategy accordingly, receiving expert help and advice from Netstar to do so.

“With the valued support of Netstar, the security measures they’ve introduced, and now the Cyber Essentials accreditation I can sleep (a bit) easier at night!”

Alan Lees, Managing Director, KCG Audit