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July 28th, 2016

Netstar ensures maximum security of client data for London based Financial Services Firm

Pacific Investments engaged with Netstar for technology consulting and IT outsourcing in 2015 having out grown their previous IT providers.

A key consideration of the handover was security so that all data (including that of their clients) would be secure and safe from attack, easily recoverable and always available.

Netstar ensured that the IT solutions they introduced reduced the likelihood of technical failures, data loss or security breaches, as well as experiencing certain productivity improvements.

The Customer

Pacific Investments is a multi-asset fund management group encompassing real estate, traditional and absolute return strategies to offer investors access to a fully diversified range of investment products.

IT is of paramount importance as data must be secure, recoverable and always available to comply with financial services compliance regulations.

A Need for Security and Reliability to Protect Client Data

Netstar met with Pacific Investments to discuss requirements and provide technology recommendations that would help to achieve business goals.

Like many firms in the fund management sector, security is a top concern for Pacific Investments and they were keen to further improve their standing in this regard.

Another important requirement is that client data is always available and recoverable, so reliability of hardware was high on the agenda.

Netstar identified several areas where security and reliability could be improved, so that data would be safe from cyber-attack and always available.

Sir John Beckwith, CBE – Chairman: “We have been very impressed by the professionalism of Netstar, their dedication to IT Security and the proactive service they continue to provide”

Strategic Technology Recommendations

A new virtualised server replaced the three existing in-house servers that were being used for email, file access and databases. This server includes improved remote access for staff, increasing productivity when working outside of the office.

The new server does not handle emails for Pacific Investments, as these were migrated to Microsoft’s cloud based Office 365. This ensures more resources are free on internal hardware, and takes advantage of Microsoft’s highly secure and reliable platform.

Netstar replaced Pacific Investments’ existing backup and disaster recovery solution. Data is backed up continuously, on-site and off-site in the cloud – with a maximum recovery time of four hours.

Top Benefits for Pacific Investments

  • Improved security solutions, reducing likelihood of cyber-attack, data theft or downtime.
  • Improved reliability of hardware, ensuring maximum uptime.
  • Improved hardware capabilities, providing speed and productivity benefits.
  • Lower running costs due to replacement of three servers with one virtualised server. Future capital expenditure reduced as only one server to replace.
  • Greater productivity with Office 365 solutions and improved remote working capability.

We also implemented Netstar’s email security platform which would block any spam, viruses and volume based attacks before they reach Pacific Investments’ network.

In addition to the above, we upgraded their firewall to one of the latest models which carries out Unified Threat Management (UTM), meaning it is able to perform multiple security functions within one single system.

As part of the Office 365 subscription, staff will now always have access to the latest version of Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices, as well as being able to access office files from any device with a web browser and use Skype for Business for internal instant messaging.

All new hardware and software is kept up to date proactively with the latest security patches and updates – reducing the risk of failure or cyber-attack. These updates do not interrupt Pacific Investments staff from working.

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