Pioneer DJ

January 24th, 2018

Netstar has worked with Pioneer DJ since 2015, supporting the London and European offices, covering 60 members of staff. Netstar provides Fully Managed IT support for Pioneer DJ and has also helped them implement several IT Solutions. The proactive support and solution implementations have assisted them in increasing staff and end user satisfaction.

The Client

Pioneer DJ is the sub-brand of the Pioneer Corporation covering their range of DJ products, such as mixers and turn tables. Their European entity is headquartered in London with satellite offices in Europe. They are committed to evolving with the growth of music culture and technology, and creating innovative products and services for DJs, Musicians, Clubs and the music community.

What they wanted to achieve

The client required 24/7 proactive support and consultation on major projects. Having previously kept IT in-house they wanted to explore the benefits having a fully outsourced IT function. They were keen to assess the possibility of delivering a higher level of service to end users by making the transition.

Pioneer DJ wanted to receive the following from their outsourced IT team:

  • Reliable, proactive 24/7 IT Support
  • Expertise to support the business in a fully managed capacity
  • Information to be secure, recoverable and accessible at all times
  • Right advice and support in implementing IT solutions

The Solution

Making the switch meant that Pioneer DJ was able to benefit from Netstar’s constant support, rather than being reliant on one person in-house as they had been previously. They were also able to take advantage of the wealth of expertise available and implement several IT solutions.

Remote Working: Netstar implemented a link back to their server in the London office, and into their Azure cloud systems which are shared worldwide. This allowed for the French office to connect with London, as well as enabling a capability to link with global offices.

Software consulting: Netstar carried out a software discovery audit and identified a cloud based solution for their HR department. This helped them improve efficiency and led to considerable cost savings.

Security: Netstar assisted Pioneer DJ to enhance their security, by putting a managed firewall in place and various other security services.

The Results

Through the implementation of cloud based systems Netstar helped Pioneer DJ improve interconnectivity between its offices. They were also able to make considerable cost savings as a result of software recommendations.

  • Savings on software spend, releasing budget for other areas
  • Improved communications between France and UK offices, due to implementation of an effective remote working solution for file sharing and communication
  • Enhanced security thanks to the new firewall