Teenage Cancer Trust

June 28th, 2014

Virtualised server environment enhances staff productivity & reduces costs for Teenage Cancer Trust

Netstar’s engagement with Teenage Cancer Trust began in March 2012 when they were selected to provide them with a full Disaster Recovery (DR) solution. Based at Netstar’s secure London datacentre, and utilising the highest specification hardware and software; the solution ensures Teenage Cancer Trust’s systems and information is safe, secure and available at all times. They benefit from:

  • Automatic data back ups every hour.
  • Encryption at military grade 256 bit and password protection for all backups.
  • In the event of a disaster, Teenage Cancer Trust’s entire IT operation would be back up and running in under four hours.

A New IT Era

In order to seize opportunities, operate in a professional way and ensure their online presence and donation portal is always available; Teenage Cancer Trust require fast, secure and reliable IT systems.

In early 2013, Teenage Cancer Trust reviewed their IT infrastructure, resourcing and associated support and following a full evaluation of the available alternatives made the decision to outsource their entire IT operations to Netstar.

Netstar recommended that Teenage Cancer Trust should move to a virtualized Windows Server environment as this not only would provide a fast and reliable IT infrastructure for the growing charity, but also would enhance remote network access for their mobile users.

Using the latest HP equipment, Netstar consolidated & migrated Teenage Cancer Trust’s 16 existing physical machines onto 3 virtualized servers providing them with the following benefits:

  • Flexible server environment – Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V will adapt to support Teenage Cancer Trust’s requirements.
  • Reduced energy consumption – producing less heat and taking up less space.
  • Less management – each virtual device acts independently but shares a single set of hardware; meaning less updates, software licenses, warranties and security to manage and less hardware to purchase, support and maintain.

Netstar provide around the clock IT Support to Teenage Cancer Trust and in addition to the server virtualization project have also:

  • Enhanced Teenage Cancer Trust’s email set up by implementing new exchange server with increased mailbox storage and installing a new online archiving solution.
  • Implemented a proactive IT Security strategy by setting up a managed SonicWall firewall to secure the network.

Craig Humphries – Head of Finance and IT at Teenage Cancer Trust comments, “With the help of Netstar we are experiencing the benefits of an efficient virtualized server environment. We enjoy rapid and secure access to our IT services at all times and as a result staff productivity has increased. Consolidating our 16 physical machines onto 3 virtualized servers has cut the power and cooling demand, meaning we have not only reduced our electricity costs but are also contributing to a greener environment with less C02 emissions. By outsourcing our IT Support to Netstar we never have to worry about holiday or sickness cover. Netstar listen to our IT needs and work collaboratively with us. We find Netstar to be flexible in their approach and quick to respond to issues.”

Netstar Managing Director Mit Patel comments: ”We relish the opportunity to work with such a worthwhile organisation as Teenage Cancer Trust. Implementation of a virtualized server environment has given them efficient and reliable access to data, systems and documents and has enhanced their overall IT infrastructure. We take pride in providing Teenage Cancer Trust with proactive IT Support and are on hand for them 24x7x365.”

About Teenage Cancer Trust

Headquartered in London, Teenage Cancer Trust employs around 120 people and is devoted to improving the lives of teenagers and young adults with cancer. In 1990, Teenage Cancer Trust officially opened their first specialist cancer unit at the Middlesex Hospital in London. Since then they have opened 27 units and have grown into an internationally recognised and influential organisation.