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Client Testimonial: thenetworkone talk about why they chose Netstar for their IT support

Paul Squirrel, Director, thenetworkone

My name is Paul Squirrel, I’m a Director here at thenetworkone and thenetworkone is the world’s largest network for independent advertising and creative agencies.

For thenetworkone, infrastructure is really important because we are primarily based on email. We work across 109 countries and it is essential that email works all the time.

We chose Netstar as our IT support partner primarily because they understood small businesses. You don’t have the bandwidth to worry about your IT infrastructure day-in day-out so we needed somebody who understood how to manage that for us. We saw a lot of other providers and Netstar came through with a proposal that actually made sense and I understood as a non-IT person. Working with Netstar, I know exactly what we’re spending on a monthly basis and it’s wrapped up in a support package which means that we can plan and budget for the future and there are no nasty surprises.

The support and advice we get from Netstar really comes in two levels. One is the day-to-day support, which is my computer’s broken down, I need help, fix it, and that’s what we get and that’s great, that’s on demand. Perhaps the more important stuff is the strategic help that we get and planning for the future and where we need to invest as a business to make sure that our IT infrastructure remains top of the game and where we need it to be. The primary difference now we work with Netstar is that I actually get to sleep at night and I don’t have to worry that the server is going to crash and I’m going to get a phone call. It’s sorted for me and this is what I want.

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