remote working Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams: 4 ways it can help your staff work remotely

Remote working has now become commonplace to keep staff, families, customers, and communities safe during this challenging time, in London…

office working day in the life blog

Netstar Community

A day in the life: lockdown edition

Sarah Robson, Marketing Manager at Netstar gives us a glimpse of what the experience of lockdown has been like for…

Why two monitors are better than one


Why two monitors are better than one when working from home

In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, the majority of office-based workers have transitioned to remote working. With such a…

remote working laptop and phone


Coronavirus: how to get the most out of remote working

In January 2020, the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus (COVID-19), a global health emergency. Millions of people around the…

business growth

IT Best Practices

Is your IT strategy preventing business growth?

Are you looking to achieve business growth in the next 12 months? If so, it’s likely that you’ll be combining…

staying focused

IT Best Practices

Six tips for staying focused when you’re on the go

Technology is an integral part of our day to day lives. It has made it easy to get things done…

How to use IT to improve your office culture

IT Best Practices

How to use IT to improve your office culture

Office culture. Get it right and you’ll create a working environment where staff are productive, proactive and supportive of one…


Top Tips

7 ways technology helps you build a competitive business

When you’re operating in a competitive market (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), staying ahead of the competition is critical…


IT Blog Archive

Why scheduling your priorities is important for optimal time management

Is this your usual Monday morning routine? Look at your calendar, which is crammed full of meetings and appointments. Look…

Netstar team weekend away


Why team building activities are important to your business

The notion of “team building” has become a buzzword in recent years. Organisations are moving away from competitive work environments,…

pomodoro technique


Productivity 101: how to master your time in 25-minute blocks

Time management can be a challenge.  Like most people, you’re probably bombarded with work tasks, personal projects, lengthy to-do lists…

computer in office

IT Best Practices

How your employees can be your biggest risk

When it comes to cyber security, we are all aware of the risks. But do any of us are aware…



6 habits of productive people and 4 things they avoid

What is the secret to getting things done? Why is it that by the time 4 pm comes around, we…

proactive and reactive arrows

Backup & Disaster Recovery

How proactive is your IT Support?

When it comes to IT Support, companies want to know their provider is going to be proactive, and actively monitoring…

email on laptop

IT Best Practices

7 email productivity top tips that will make your life easier

At times, it can be tough to keep track of and organise your email, especially when you’ve got a million…

laptop on office desk


How being a minimalist at work improves productivity

Is your desk full of books, papers, print-outs, coffee cups, breakfast bowls, folders, stationery, etc.? Does your computer desktop have…

light bulb


3 simple ways you can increase efficiency in your business

The technical definition of efficiency is "the ratio of useful work performed by a machine or in a process to…

phone and laptop

IT Best Practices

How to use technology to fuel your business growth

Technology has changed dramatically over the last few decades.  And its role in driving business development continues to expand.  Making…

cloud computing


Practical advice on syncing your files to Autotask

What is Autotask Workplace? Nowadays it is not uncommon to find yourself working outside the office. Whether it is on…



On the hunt for a glass slipper: How to choose the right laptop for you

Choosing the right laptop can be a tricky process. Your team members will all have different needs and preferences.  Selecting…

working on laptop and iPad

IT Best Practices

How technology has changed the way we work

Technology is involved in almost every aspect of our lives. Thanks to the internet and continuous development of Smart devices,…

hourglass timer


9 ways to add time back to your day

"I'll just check Facebook and refresh my twitter feed one more time, and then I'll go to bed." 2 hours…

laptops and software

IT Best Practices

How to choose the right software and save your business money

  Today’s digital landscape offers endless possible software solutions to increase productivity within your business. But who do you ask…

reactive or proactive

IT Best Practices

Why London businesses benefit from proactive managed IT Support

Small business owners and entrepreneurs wear many hats. There are many facets to running a business, and in small companies…



Slow WiFi holding your business back? Here’s how to make it faster

We are all familiar with the effect slow WiFi can have on our personal productivity – and the frustration that…

printer scanner


The Business Benefits of a Fully Managed Print Service

email inbox


Why You Can’t Live Without Email Archiving

planner diary


Here’s what Happened when I Used Productivity Planner for a Week…Part II

laptop with data


The value of a dedicated IT Director

All of our clients are assigned a dedicated IT Director to ensure that our relationship with you always delivers as much…


IT Best Practices

The True Cost of IT Downtime & How to Combat it

office 365


The New Office 365 Business Features That Will Make Your Job Easier



8 Top Tips for Choosing the Best Software for Your Business

the benefits of netstar's it support


IT Support with Added Value (Our Handy Infographic)


Cloud Computing

Need for Speed: London’s Broadband is Killing Businesses



4 Ways Blogging Can Help your Business Grow


IT Best Practices

How we helped a 40-person company select the right software and save £240,000!

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