How to change a password via the terminal server

February 15th, 2014 - Category - IT Best Practices

How to change a password via the terminal server.

Terminal Server Password Change – Instructions

Alternatively, follow the instructions below if you are unable, or prefer not, to watch the video.

In this video we show you how you can reset your password via the terminal server. This is useful if you are using a terminal server to log in remotely, and need to change the password for the remote machine or server, rather than just changing the password on the local machine. Pressing CTRL + ALT + Delete when you are in a terminal server remote session will not bring up a screen where you can change your password, so you need to follow this method instead:

Once you’re logged in, you need to click on start.

On the right hand side you should see an option called “Windows Security”.

When you click on that, you’ll be presented with four options. Lock this computer, log off, change a password and Start task manager. Click on change a password.

You will now see a screen showing your profile picture, and fields for entering your old password, new password and to confirm your new password.

Press enter when these have all been filled out correctly, or click on the blue arrow, and your password should be updated!

If you need help connecting remotely to your Office PC, then watch this video, showing you step by step instructions for remote access.

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