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Today’s digital landscape offers endless possible software solutions to increase productivity within your business. But who do you ask for the right one? How do you know what is the “best” software?

If you ask your friends or colleagues, you’ll often find they each recommend a different tool.

As an IT Consultancy, our job is to advise and consult you on the best decisions tailored to your business. What may work for you might not necessarily be suitable for another business. And that is okay. Netstar are here to help.

So, in this next bit, we are going to walk you through some, not all of the software we recommend.

Let us start at the heart of business communication, your E-mail.


Microsoft Office 365

Office 365

It’s your Email Server and Office licensing all within one easily managed online portal. A monthly license which is always up-to-date with valuable data saved to a cloud server.

What are the benefits?

  • Reliability – With a 99.9% uptime, there is little chance this software will hold you back from working.
  • Security – Your Emails are encrypted and secure with Microsoft’s 5 layers of Security.
  • Cloud – Gone are the days of bulky and expensive physical server infrastructure. Say hello to cloud storage and e-mail back-up.
  • Office and other applications – Running old software with outdated licences makes it much harder for you to keep your system secure. Office 365 also includes frequent application updates, which means if security threats are detected, patches will be released to help minimise your risk.

Why do we recommend this software over other providers?

  • We love how you can use two-factor authentication and be cyber secure in and outside of the office.
  • Cloud storage means it is accessible, especially when on-the-go or across devices
  • Your messages are protected using various encryption policy options.
  • Your operating system may well be Microsoft Windows, what better than to use applications that are specifically designed to work together.

Reflexion by Sophos

Spam monitoring

This added security layer acts as a barrier between Office 365 and the rest of the internet. It scans both inbound and outbound e-mail content, allowing only messages which it sees as safe to pass through.

Enhanced security means less spam making it to your inbox, giving hackers fewer opportunities to deceive you with malicious email links.

Moving forwards, when you create documents and other files, saving them to your desktop can be both unsecure and inaccessible.

Introducing Autotask Workplace…

Autotask Workplace

file sync and share

This secure online file share and sync solution is what all businesses need to save time and money.

Say you are late for a presentation and have forgotten your USB/laptop.

With Autotask Workplace you can access your files on any device, as long as you know your login details.

It is installed on computers and ensures the latest files are synced and backed up, accessible and most importantly, protected.

You can choose who has access to which documents or folders and use the locking feature to protect them from being edited.

Did someone from your team edit your document and it was not what you expected?

Autotask Workplace saves the previous versions in case a restoration is needed. But in case you don’t want someone editing them whilst you’re working on them, you can also use the lock feature.

Simply lock the file when you only want others to view it and unlock it to edit again.



Running a human resources department will come with an administrative burden. Sometimes, chasing after employees to sign important documents or waiting for HR to approve documents can be a stressful experience.

PeopleHR helps take away some of that administrative burden.


PeopleHR calculates how much holiday allowance your employees have left in the year and provides an easy interface for employees to check their entitlement and request time off.

By simply putting the request into PeopleHR the employee’s manager will receive a notification email and can respond to the request.

This means, even if you’re stuck in meetings all week, one simple click in an E-mail, is all that is needed for approval.

Sick leave

As well as an employee being able to log in whether they are sick, or late, PeopleHR tracks any trends which may occur.

This means if employee X is always ringing in every second Monday, it is easy to track and work with the employee to determine any underlying cause.


Have you ever needed documents signing and the employees never seem to be at their desks when you’re there?

PeopleHR allows digital signatures and tracks those who haven’t signed important documents assigned to them. This way, there is no excuse for not signing and reading the ‘Employee Handbook’ and everything is stored digitally.

These are just a few of the many software services we recommend and most save your business money and time.

Hosted phone system

Hosted phone system in the cloud

It’s a given. A phone is a staple in pretty much every office.

Traditionally, setting up a company phone system requires hardware, phone line installations and engineer time to set everything to your business’s needs. This can be a costly and time consuming process.

With a hosted phone system all you need is to add a subscription, plug in your phone and you’re all set. It works over your internet, requiring a reliable line, but not much bandwidth.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service is a phone system hosted in the cloud. A key benefit of this service includes spending less money on hardware  and maintenance. Not to mention, it’s easy for you or your IT Support Partner to configure.

Backup and disaster recovery are made simple, as being hosted in the cloud means should something happen, you’ll be set up again in no time.

Our clients find that switching to a hosted phone system can result in up to 40% reduction in phone call costs.


Have you found yourself working remotely and wishing you could use the service you’re paying for in the office, rather than your mobile service provider?

With a hosted phone system, you can use a mobile app to call as if you are in the office.

Sound good?

Other add-ons include directing calls from a  your phone to a laptop/desktop, voicemail to e-mail service or click to call.

What’s your next step?

At Netstar, we understand that businesses have their unique needs when it comes to IT. However, the above software solutions have universal benefits.

If you have more questions on what type of software your business should be using, let us know by clicking here.

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