Written instructions

You will need two pieces of information; the remote web access URL and your username, including the domain name. If you do not know this information, contact your IT Support company, who should be able to provide it to you.

In order to access your remote office pc, you will need to open up internet explorer and browse to the remote web access site using the URL address.

At the login page, enter the username and password you use when you log on to your work PC.

Once logged in, the page will show you some options, including one to check your email on the left hand side.

To access your work PC you will need to navigate to the computers box on the right hand side and select “connect” on your PC. If you cannot see your PC, contact your IT support provider who can give you access.

If this is your first time connecting, you may get an error message about enabling activeX, you will also see a prompt asking if you want to enable it. Simply click allow.

The page will now reload, so click on “connect” again, then again on the prompt that pops up.

On the next page you will need to type in your full username including the domain followed by a backslash, for example, NETSTAR\robert.

Type in your password and click ok. You may have to enter your password again, then press yes on a security/firewall prompt. After this, you should be connected to your work PC via remote access.