In this video we will be showing you how you can add an email signature to your emails in Outlook.

If you are unable, or do not want, to watch the video above, please follow the written instructions below.

Creating an Email Signature in Outlook

Whilst you are in Outlook, click on “file” and then “options” just below. Select the “mail” tab.

There should be a “signatures” button on the right hand side of the box that opens up. Click on this, and another box will open up.

In here, you can create new signatures. Click on “new” to start creating your new signature. You will have to type in a name for the signature and then press “ok”.

You can now use the main box in the lower half of the pop-up box to create your signature. Type your content, and style it using the options available on the toolbar, such as font colour, font-style, size etc.

You also have the option to create multiple email signatures. This can be useful if you have separate accounts, or different contact information depending on who you are sending your email to. If there is a common response you often send back to emails, you can also pre-populate a signature with it, to speed up replying to generic emails. You may also wish to have separate signatures on new emails and replies. You can then specify which signature appears by default on new emails, and on replies.

When you have completed creating your signature, click “ok”, and then “ok” again to get out of the options.

Click on a new email to test your signature. It should automatically be applied to this new email. If you wish to use a different signature, you can click on the “signatures” button at the top of your new email.