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GDPR Regulations Are Coming!

From the 25th May 2018: If you are found not to be adequately protecting data, you could be fined 4% of your annual turnover.

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Key concerns for CEOs of small & medium London businesses:

  • Security, recoverability and availability of sensitive data.
  • Compliance with data security regulations such as FCA and GDPR to avoid fines and bad publicity.
  • Documentation proving security and compliance with regulations.
  • Cyber security training for employees that actually works, to avoid your business being the victim of a damaging phishing attack.

Being Cyber Secure Doesn’t Have to be a Headache

You WILL have to be cyber secure. The alternative is facing hefty fines up to 4% of your turnover, suffering productivity stopping cyber-attacks, having to pay ransoms to retrieve your data, having your reputation ruined and potentially going out of business when your customers don’t trust you to keep their information safe.

Managing the risk is a huge burden for small businesses. Do you know:

  • What the best solutions are to invest in that are going to provide you with multiple layers of security, but not conflict with each other?
  • Which solutions are going to keep systems and data secure, whilst not getting in the way of your staff or causing your technology to slow down?
  • What an IT security policy is, why you might need one, and how to put one together?
  • How to make your employees care about cyber security, recognise phishing emails, and not fall for tricks used by cyber criminals that will snare your business in a cyber attack?

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Millions of Businesses Hit Already Don’t Waste Any More Time

Businesses that aren’t big enough to have their own IT departments or employ a Chief Technology Officer still need to be cyber secure. These businesses are low hanging fruit for cyber criminals, as they’re less likely to have defences and educated employees in place.

2.9 million UK businesses were hit by successful cyber-attacks in 2016. The number in 2017 will be bigger, but it could be a lot lower if small businesses ensure they get the right, practical IT advice.

Netstar provides the right cyber security advice for your business, recommending and implementing solutions that reduce likelihood of successful cyber-attack, improve employee vigilance to social engineering, and keep your business.

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Are You Right For Netstar?

  • Do you have between 10 and 100 employees?
  • Are you based in London?
  • Is cyber security a top business priority?
  • Do you want technology to empower your business?
  • Are you looking for the right, practical IT advice to solve your business challenges?
  • Do you want fast technical support for your staff so they can stay productive?

What Our Clients Say

Sir John Beckwith CBE - Pacific Investments

"We have been very impressed by the professionalism of Netstar, their dedication to IT Security and the proactive service they provide."

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Talk to Netstar if:

  • Being Cyber Secure and protecting data is a top priority for your business.
  • You want expert advice from a Chief Technology Officer level resource about helping your business become cyber secure.
  • You want to ensure your business meets industry and EU regulations about cyber security such as FCA and GDPR.
  • You want recommendations on what the best technology to utilise for security is.
  • You want help drawing up an IT security policy for your business.
  • You’re interested in making your workforce more resistant to social engineering methods used by cyber criminals.

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