At Netstar you can always be sure that you will receive a personal tailored service. Our team and their expertise is what makes Netstar. Each month we will be shining the spotlight on a different team member in our ‘Day in the Life of’ feature.

This month it’s new starter Nathan – a 1st Line Service Engineer.

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Describe your job, what does a Service Desk Engineer typically do on a daily basis?

As a service desk engineer my typical day will consist of logging calls and working through pre-existing support tickets. This can be anything from resetting passwords to configuring servers. For me personally, I will be starting some onsite work very soon, which will involve traveling to the customer location to perform maintenance to their systems in person. The role in general is varied and usually very busy, with engineers quite often dealing with multiple issues simultaneously.

Whereabouts do you sit within your organisation? Who do you report to and what are your responsibilities?

The Service Engineers in Netstar are the main troubleshooters, placed above the call loggers (who answer the phones, detail problems and create tickets) and below the team leaders (who review and allocate tickets based on the person they think best suited to resolve each particular issue).

What kind of skills do you need to be effective in your role?

A variety of skills are needed to be successful in this role, a certain amount of technical ‘know-how’ is vital, and experience of common issues is definitely important. As with any call centre environment, the ability to work under pressure is essential, and finally being about to multitask is a very useful skill to have.

What kind of goals do you have? What metrics do you use in-house to measure performance?

Personally I would like to broaden my knowledge of commonly used systems, in order to widen my technical support skills, beyond that of my internal and desktop support background.

As a company we have various displays set up around the office, showing a comprehensive breakdown of individual call and ticket statistics, as well as having a sum-up of how well we are doing company-wide for that day.

What are your favourite tools to get the job done?

LabTech is a powerful and versatile tool that is essential to the job, not only does it allow us to access client machines and resolve issues directly, but it also supplies a complete menagerie of diagnostic tools, automated processes, maintenance capabilities and complete, comprehensive system information. I am very much looking forward to utilising all that this software suite has to offer.

Why did you choose to work at Netstar? What do you love about your job?

What makes Netstar really stand out from the other companies I’ve worked for, is their emphasis on new tech and a young, vibrant team. It’s a real cut above the standard dark, dusty old IT offices with network managers so set in their ways that they end up ‘bodging’ their way through each day as it comes. Netstar strive to have the latest tech and always seem to have some kind of pre-release or beta product in testing.

Additionally the company seem to have no problem with embracing the new generation of ‘tech geeks’. Having always been the youngest member of staff in my organisation by at least a decade-plus, it’s a refreshing change to come in and be older than three members of staff right off the bat.

Personally I think this is a win/win scenario, alleviating the ever increasing employment hardships that today’s youth are facing, while placing the companies interests in the hands of a generation raised by computers. A generation brought up in the mind-set that a solid internet connection is seen as essential a utility as electricity or water.

How did you get started in your industry?

I come from a family background of IT, my father being a UNIX Administrator and my oldest brother is currently studying for a masters in programming. So being brought up surrounded by computers I inevitably picked up some basic knowledge, I continued to develop this through school and college in Swindon, and was invited to attend a 6 month full time IT course at the Zenos IT Academy in Oxford, providing me with my first MCP. This lead to my first job as a Junior IT Technician in a local school, since then my career and IT skills have gone from strength to strength, resulting in an interview at Netstar and an inevitable move to London.

What’s your favourite piece of tech or gadget?

I would have to say my poor battered old iPhone. With smart phones in their current state, you are literally able to run your entire work schedule and personal life from your pocket.

Otherwise it would have to be my Netbook, a lightweight versatile piece of hardware with all the capabilities of an ordinary desktop PC.

Lighter than a laptop, without the restrictions of a tablet, I try and take this everywhere I go, coupled with my internet dongle, I’m generally never caught short without a computer.

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