Have you ever considered how the relationship your business has with IT and technology may affect your profits?

One of, if not THE, biggest cost to every business is employees.

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Whenever your employees aren’t working, you’re losing money – or rather, not realising the full return on your investment in them.

As you can’t expect employees to be 100% productive all of the time, you don’t want anything else, IT problems for example, to stop and keep them from working.

It is possible to prevent IT problems and avoid disruption?

Many IT problems can actually be avoided through a proactive approach.

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Your IT partner can spot issues in your network, by actively monitoring your networks. Left alone, these could develop into more significant problems which stop you or your employees from working.

Examples can be:

  • uncompleted server backup,
  • drives with low disk space,
  • applications or systems that have not been updated to the latest version, etc.

The above are some issues that can go undetected, if not remedied they could cause one of the following four problems:

1.Complete loss of data – unable to restore as backup was not completing properly – employees have to spend time redoing work and dealing with the chaos that a data loss results in.

2.Employee workstation slows down – due to low disk space. Employee can’t save work and could potentially lose work in progress. Employee has to spend time finding items to delete to free up space.

3.PCs crash and servers fail – The potential result of unpatched workstations and servers. This could result in employees losing work, being unable to access files on servers, and temporary loss of other services such as email.

4.Cyber attack and data theft – A potential impact of not installing updates for servers, workstations, applications, operating systems etc.

Patches and security updates are to protect users from vulnerabilities found on applications and operating systems. It is vital to install updates, as cyber criminals take advantage to gain access to your business networks.

Not doing so could result in data theft, loss or encryption, or system-wide outages.

Loss of working time won’t be the worst of your problems…

These problems may result in a lot of working time lost by your employees. The cost of an unproductive workforce will eat into your bottom line.

Larger financial implications can occur, such as:

  • Fines due to breaching data security compliance regulations
  • Reputational Cost:  Customers leaving you after losing faith in your ability to keep their data secure.
  • Opportunity Costs: Lost revenue due to missed opportunities

You can avoid any of these problems through a proactive approach to IT.