By Maria Bisoceanu, Account Manager at Netstar.

I frequently come across clients asking me,

‘What is the best laptop for my business?’

and ‘Can I not just get one online or from the shop on the high street?’

I could answer simply no, but this would not help my client, nor would they understand my reasoning for such a blatant no.

This blog is for those of you that question why and want to know answers.

Do you know what you’re buying?

Firstly, there is no point in selling you a laptop with this spec and that, if you do not understand what they do.

For this reason let me introduce you to –

The kitchen analysis

The chefs – are the central processing unit or CPU. They prepare the food and the recipes to the best of their knowledge. The meals they produce and the quality, depend on their training. In computer terms we have Intel Core i5, i7 and i9.

The kitchen counter – is the Random-Access Memory or RAM. This is the space the chefs have to prepare the food. How many applications or programmes do you have on your laptop? Is there enough space on the kitchen counter for them to all run at once/ or in the the background.

A good way of viewing this is looking at what you use whilst on your laptop. Do you have your E-mail open? Excel? Adobe Photoshop? AutoCAD? All of this needs space on the kitchen counter – the RAM.

The fridge – The holy storage unit of food. For computers, the Solid-State Hard-Drive or SSD. If you have no food in here there is nothing for the chefs to cook. Too much food? -And it will go bad, your laptop will be slow.

Thankfully though, having a smaller SSD can be okay, because we encourage Cloud storage. Here you can save your work data so it is accessible wherever you are and with whichever device you have at hand. Most importantly, Cloud storage protects your data should disaster strike.

Ask your IT partner for advice

We can’t speak for other providers, but for us it all boils down to being a trusted adviser for YOU, our client. We want to tailor your productivity to your company.

So what do we look for?

laptop and phone on desk

Personal – Your laptop must be tailored to your needs. Are you a manager? A web developer? Or an employee needing to access work data remotely?

The specs are tailored to you. We like Lenovo but we don’t discriminate. Their laptops are reliable, accessible and great for employees to work with standard applications.

But say you’re a web developer? You might need a laptop with design software and perhaps enough storage space for those large applications. Ask us to recommend one!

Reliable – Part of consulting is recommending reliable products, steering away from the break-fix model.

If something should happen to your laptop, whether a factory fault or one by unnatural causes your IT support service needs to know. We love dealing with problems in a timely fashion and knowing your laptop means we know what we’ve recommended. Should problems arise – knowing your devices mean they are easier for us to fix.

Secure – IT Security is a MUST nowadays, with cyber thieves crawling the web waiting for their next victims. Did you buy your laptop from a high street shop? Does it have Windows 10 PRO installed? Why not?

We manage your IT to make sure you don’t have to. But laptops are taken here, there and everywhere. And having the right software is a top priority. Windows 10 PRO is key for encrypting your work data and making sure you have this installed is vital.

Generally speaking, there are three aspects which buyers focus on when choosing a laptop:

The 3 Ps – power, portability & performance

Juggling these can be pretty difficult, especially if you don’t know where to look. If you’re travelling a lot, do you want a heavy laptop? What does it need to perform? Does it need a long battery life?

Make sure you consider these options, PLUS the many more you might face!

If you’re still unsure what laptop specs you require to work productively, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to help!