Do you waste lots of time going back and forth trying to find suitable meeting times with other people in your organisation?

Setting up internal meetings can be difficult enough, but when you’re adding external people into the mix and you can’t see their calendars, it becomes even more difficult to find times that work!

Unfortunately, you have to waste time jumping back and forth over email and phone, dealing with everyone’s busy schedules.

There is a new add-in for Outlook that solves this problem.

With FindTime you can save time by seeing available slots that work for all attendees, then opening up the slots to a vote.

When you’ve selected some times that work for all your attendees, they’ll all be sent an email allowing them to vote for their favourite slot.

You can get round the problem of not being able to see external attendees schedules by providing multiple times to meet, and let them vote first.

Once voting begins, those yet to cast their vote will see a visual summary of how the voting has been going, allowing them to make a better decision.

Once you’ve reached a consensus, FindTime sends the meeting invite out to everyone.

Recipients don’t need to have FindTime installed in order to participate in the vote, they only need to install the add-in if they want to organise their own meetings in this way.

Organisers are required to have Office 365, however.

Reduce Your Daily Email Volume

FindTime saves you time by reducing back and forth email discussions about meeting times.