Printers: we all have them in our office and whether you use yours on a daily basis or it’s sitting in a dusty corner, knowing how to solve any issues which may arise is a must.

  1. My Printer is Far Too Slow! – When you need to quickly print some documentation for your customers, a slow running printer can waste valuable time and make you look unprofessional.  Depending on your model printing settings vary, but you can often speed up the process by switching to draft printing mode (Print – Properties).  Adding RAM to your printer will also speed it up.
  2. My Printer Keeps Jamming the Paper – This is a common problem, particularly when you’re printing large amounts. Try using high quality paper and don’t fill the paper tray to capacity. It’s also important to not use any old paper or mix the style of paper or card in your tray.
  3. My Cartridges Run Out Too Quickly – This could be down to the quality of ink you’re using and you may need to upgrade. If you generally only print in black, ensure your printing preferences are set to “black only”, otherwise your machine will use colour ink when it doesn’t need to. Printers which frequently tell you they’re out of ink aren’t always completely accurate. Try resetting your current ink cartridge and print a test page to see if there’s any ink left.
  4. My Print Quality is Poor – Again this could be down to the brand of ink, but it’s also possible you have a clogged print head – a problem which often occurs when you don’t use your printer very often. The printer’s utility program can clean out any dried ink or you can try unclogging the ink nozzle manually.
  5. Windows Sends Documents to the Wrong Printer – This often happens when you upgrade Windows. Ensuring you have the right default printer set up in your settings should immediately solve the problem.
  6. I’m Spending Far Too Much Money on Printing – Many businesses agree with this andit’s important to cut back on costs where necessary in the office. Only use your printer if it is absolutely necessary and just give certain colleagues the authority to print. You may also wish to enlist the help of a managed print service. Here at Netstar, our IT experts can monitor and optimise your printing process, significantly reducing costs as well as the negative impacts on the environment. By measuring how much you print and copy over a certain amount of time, we can suggest the appropriate changes to make tasks more cost efficient. Knowing exactly how much you’re spending on printing each month will avoid those nasty energy and ink bills, and the less you use your printer, the less maintenance it will require.

Don’t get bogged down with the pressure of tightening your company’s purse strings. Let us help you control printing and copying costs for good. Get in touch with our London based IT support team and discover more about our popular managed print services.