managed print service

How many times have you gone to print something in the office and realised you’ve run out of toner? Most often this seems to happen at the most crucial time, such as when you have an important deadline and it can be extremely frustrating. If you’re an office manager you’ll know how much work goes into making sure supplies are always kept well stocked. If you haven’t considered a managed print service, it would be worthwhile looking into. Not only can it make your life easier, but it can also help you save money on printing costs. A recent report by Gartner found that Managed Print Services can provide savings of up to 30% almost immediately on print-related expenses.

In this article I will outline what Managed Print means for a business. As well as how it can save you money and time. Read on to find out:

  • No large upfront expense: It is a monthly payment based service, so there is no large upfront cost for hardware. All hardware, installation and training are covered under the monthly plan.
  • Reduce toner and consumables costs: By paying only for what you print, you can save money. Being able to manage your costs on a monthly basis also makes managing these costs a much more effective process. At Netstar we partner with a managed print service provider to enable us to help you reduce costs by passing on a saving of 30% to you.
  • Automatic toner replenishment: Toner is automatically ordered to your office by the Printer, ensuring you never run out. This also removes any employee involvement in the ordering process, giving them more time for important tasks.
  • Complete hardware and service cover: All onsite and remote servicing, as well as any hardware replacement required is covered under the monthly cost. At Netstar we carry out all servicing for our managed print clients, we will also get our Partner Specialist Printer Technicians on the case if an issue requires it.
  • Increased staff productivity: If you’ve ever been in an office which had recurring and frequent printer problems then you’ll know how much it can hurt team morale. By reducing the administrative burden on your team you will allow them to focus on what is important, and help increase productivity by giving time back to them.

The larger business impact of all of these points, is that you are helping your office become more sustainable by having an accurate picture of how much is being printed and what needs replacing. It consolidates your spend into a monthly amount, therefore much easier to budget for and track. A more efficient managed print service will help keep staff happy and save the business money.

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