Mit Patel, Managing Director and Malcolm Diack, Senior Strategist shared their expertise at the annual event.

London, 24th April 2018 – On Friday the 20th of April, Netstar Senior Leadership attended IT Nation Europe for the second year in a row. Mit Patel, Managing Director and Malcolm Diack, Senior Strategist, presented to the audience on the topic of “Harnessing the Power of KPIs: Improve Your Culture, Manage Better and Increase Efficiency”. They shared their experience with the audience, the majority of which were other MSPs, about how KPIs can be utilised in SMEs to fuel and monitor business growth and directly influence company culture in a positive way.

The session was well received, and drew upon the value of thinkers such as Gary Pica. They recounted Netstar’s own journey with KPIs and how the business has grown significantly over the last five years as a result. They demonstrated how KPIs can be used in all areas of the business to assist SMEs to measure their own success. Without tracking in place, there is no basis for decision making, other than ‘gut feeling’.

Malcolm Diack, Senior Strategist at Netstar says “At Netstar I have been able to guide the process of continually improving KPI tracking and reporting. This has meant that the Senior Leadership team has access to more accurate and reliable information helping the business to be ever more efficient.”

With expert management, processes are constantly improving. As a result of their continuing KPI journey, Netstar is poised to advise other SMEs on how to leverage KPIs effectively for business growth.

KPIs for business growth

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