A report conducted late last year, through Microsoft’s Cloud Security Readiness tool, has revealed that many corporate IT environments are immature. The survey was released to help companies see how they can benefit from using quality cloud based services.

Covering all areas of security, including risk management, the Microsoft tool helps businesses improve productivity by helping them get a better understanding of how people work.

Data from the survey revealed that despite the importance of security, many companies use low quality software and do not conduct the necessary maintenance needed to protect files. In most instances this is due to lack of time and resources, which is why cloud based storage would be the ideal solution.

Businesses are always looking for the better, faster and cheaper option and with the cloud’s simplicity of use and flexibility of working, it only makes sense to try this increasingly popular technology within your organisation.

Many private cloud storage providers offer security and disaster recovery, holding all your data in secure networks which are easily accessible from anywhere. The right cloud provider will even offer all the relevant software, including Microsoft Office programmes, so you don’t need to have applications installed on all your devices to conduct the relevant work.

Private Cloud Storage Providers

A typical cloud storage system is made up of a number of servers, each with their own storage. Users simply need a PC, laptop or mobile device and access to the internet (which with the increasing use of WiFi, is available in most areas). Growing with your business, the capacity of your cloud can alter as and when you require.

Here at Netstar, as qualified, experienced IT experts, our cloud computing packages come with all inclusive 24/7 support. Our team members are here to provide either on or offsite help whenever you need it.

Tailoring our services and packages to suit each individual business, our cloud services offer all the benefits of traditional systems at a fraction of the cost. Meeting your company’s needs, the cloud’s flexibility can help improve your services, so when you leave the office you don’t have to leave your customers behind.

Not only can private cloud storage increase productivity and flexibility, we’ll carry out all the necessary security and maintenance checks, leaving you time to focus on other areas of your business. It’s no different to renting a car or house: you use it, but the company is responsible for all the necessary maintenance.

Backup and redundancy ensures that if one server goes down, your data is automatically transferred to another, so you’ll never lose any important files. Companies with their own severs need to consider where they are going to store all the equipment (particularly if you are a small business). Energy costs involved with running all the machinery must also be thought through. With the cloud, all these issues are outsourced to an expert IT team under a fixed price package, so there are never any nasty surprises.

Start experiencing the benefits of the cloud and find out more by speaking to one of our friendly advisors today.