How Network Monitoring Reduces Tech Support Costs

February 8th, 2012 - Category - IT Best Practices

At Netstar, we hate seeing our clients suffer from slow computers, bogged down networks, and other computer issues that prevent work from happening seamlessly. That’s why we are so passionate about proactively safeguarding your network BEFORE issues happen, in order to prevent expensive downtime.

For a small business without quality IT management, the majority of all day-to-day tech support issues are caused by common issues and problems that can be prevented or at the very least caught and dealt with before they become an issue to your employees. A little regular maintenance can have a huge impact on the number of problems your workstation has.

This is why network and PC monitoring and IT management is so vital for small businesses. It’s cost effective and non-intrusive; our tools have a very lightweight footprint, meaning they won’t slow down your computers just by being there, and the regular maintenance consists of a wide variety of fairly simply tasks that help maintain stability and security.

This can have a tremendous impact on IT costs. A poll put on by Computing Technology Industry Association last year found that 96 percent of business professionals said that managing and monitoring their IT save them money. More than half reported saving 25% to 50% on annual IT budgets by reducing the number of issues and eliminating much of the regular downtime that occurs when computers don’t work.

Give us a call at 02036 574 489 and ask about Netstar, and how we can monitor and manage your entire network to prevent issues before they get expensive and leave your employees unable to work.

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