How Technology Has Changed the Corporate World

June 26th, 2013 - Category - IT Blog

These days, technology is involved with almost every aspect of our lives. Thanks to the internet and continuous development of Smartphones, we can begin work from the moment we wake up right up until we go to bed. Advances in both IT and communications have changed the way business workers complete tasks and keep in touch with clients.

You only have to look around your office to discover how technology has altered things. Years ago, the average office desk would be stacked with paperwork. Nowadays, with the use of secure computer files, the cloud and email, information is much more accessible through a wide range of devices.

Coping with Changes in Technology

Technology for business is designed to increase productivity, which enables us to work more efficiently, offer better services and in turn draw in more business. However, in order to experience the benefits which tablets, Macs, and new software can offer, businesses need to adapt and alter strategies and the way they work. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies allow workers to use numerous devices which best suit the task at hand. This has enabled employees to access databases, personal schedules and emails from anywhere at any time, whether it be on the train or the beach. The cloud is also a form of technology which allows employees to access company documents with ease.

It’s clear the way we work is now much more flexible, reliable and efficient, but what about the security of our IT? The increasing use of the internet has meant that business of all sizes can communicate with target audiences through the use of social media, blog websites and of course their own website, but security, privacy and copyright issues should be closely monitored.

To cover ourselves when things go wrong, it’s advisable to have good backup and security procedures in place. We rely on our IT systems for almost all information and data, so the cost of us losing such work can be astronomical. As technology continues to develop, so should our security systems. That’s why we develop leading protection procedures, carrying out assessments and incorporating best practice regular monitoring to keep precious data safe. Backup and disaster recovery systems also mean that if things do go wrong, your files will be kept in two secure centres which backup your data every 15 minutes, so even that latest project you’ve just completed is safe.

Knowing Which Technology to Use

Choosing a form of technology which is right for your business will depend on how your company and employees work. Start by getting to know your workers and understand what would help them and increase productivity. After all, knowing what will make your business work more effectively will depend heavily on those who are using new devices or software.

Having a high-speed internet connection is a must for nearly all organisations, but whether you really need every employee to have a tablet is a different story.

As IT support experts, we can advise on what is the best and most cost effective option for your company. We’re happy to provide one-off project help and set you up with the right technology, which will keep you ahead of competitors. If your require long-term support, we can become part of your team, guiding you through technology growth and ensuring all systems are fully secure and backed up.

For more information on choosing the right IT equipment for your business, give our friendly London IT support team a call today.

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