Nothing is more frustrating than having sluggish internet speed, especially when you’ve got work which needs doing. The internet is an important commodity for any company and even if yours is fine, there may be ways you can boost it for better performance.

Blocked signals and interference

One of the easiest methods of boosting your wireless is by making sure the signal between the router and your computer is not obstructed. If the router is in a different room or it’s in a location that keeps it hidden, such as in the corner with furniture in the way, this will affect the performance of your internet.

Simply moving the router closer to your computers will make your wireless signal better. It sounds obvious, but the further away your router is, the weaker the signal will be.

Wireless is transmitted via radio waves and as a result, other appliances that work in a similar way could interfere with your connection. Make sure your router is away from other wireless devices to prevent this from happening.

Reduce other programs that run in the background

There can be a lot of software that runs in the background when you boot up your computer. There may even be some that are connected to the internet which you don’t use. Programs such as Skype and other instant messaging services are always connected, so it’s best to turn off their usage until you need them.

Most software has an option to run on start-up that can be switched off so if you notice your internet connection dragging, check what’s running and close any applications you aren’t using. If you’re not sure what’s running, you can usually check the system tray in the bottom corner of your screen (on Windows computers).

You can also simplify your web browser to make loading pages quicker. Be wary of installing too many add-ons and toolbars as these will only slow down your system. Check the settings of your browser to see what you can uninstall to make it more efficient.

Password your internet

It’s possible that a slow connection isn’t even your fault. If your wireless internet isn’t password protected, people outside your business (and even building) can have full access to your internet. It’s always best to make sure you password protect your router to prevent unwanted access.

Needlessly sharing your internet with people who shouldn’t have access will severely sap your bandwidth, especially if they’re downloading large files or streaming live videos. Make sure you restrict access to only those who need it. You can contact our helpdesk if you’re unsure how to password your router.

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