With support for Windows XP ending in less than a year, it’s important to start preparing and think about switching as soon as possible. The end of support and updates from Microsoft may not seem like a big deal, but this also means the end of security patches, putting your operating system at risk.

Windows XP is constantly under threat from new vulnerabilities. Threats that are so severe an attacker could completely take over any PCs which run the old system. With no support or protective patches, security issues will rise even further, so to keep your IT safe and secure, it makes sense to find a new OS.

Alternatives to Windows XP

Windows 8: If you want to stick with Microsoft, Windows 8 is of course the ideal option. As technology develops further into a touch screen world, the handy apps and ease of working on the go make the operating system great for both business and personal use. With Windows 8 you don’t necessarily need a PC upgrade. Microsoft are developing updates to make the OS suitable for laptops and desktops rather focusing purely on touch devices. Booting Windows 8 is also a quick and painless process as the demo lasts just 8 seconds.

If you require Flash content or use multiple screens, Windows 8 may not be the ideal option. Microsoft are considering removing the ability to access Flash files as this can waste a significant amount of tablet battery life. Many companies are enjoying the benefits of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, however those who like to use multiple desktop screens may find the change too daunting. Macs are ideal solution in these cases as you can easily use multiple displays and the powerful, reliable equipment makes tasks easier and quicker, increasing productivity.

Alternatively, if you’re not a Windows 8 fan, you can always try Windows 7 which many companies prefer. The convenience, ease of use and greater stability makes this popular software an ideal choice.

Mac OS X: When set up, maintained and monitored correctly, Mac OS X offers good security systems. Sitting atop a Unix core, installing a destructive trojan or virus is virtually impossible. To use this software, you will of course have to upgrade to Mac machines, but there is an endless list of benefits, including an easy to use interface, and systems which are designed to last much longer than PCs.

With Mac OS X you can make use of the Time Machine feature which makes backing up data easy. Thanks to Bonjour, connecting all your computers, printers, servers and mobile devices over a network is also an easy task. Smart folders make it much easier to organise files and users can personalise their Mac with innovative apps. Unfortunately, reliability, top security and fancy features come at a price, but when paying for such a high end piece of software, you can expect great value for money.

For more information on alternatives to Windows XP, take a look here.

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