Disaster Recovery is an essential service for all businesses. Losing business data would be a crippling blow to most businesses that they would never recover from. We’ve put together this infographic in order to break down the facts and benefits of disaster recovery for small and medium businesses:

disaster recovery infographic

IT is a key factor in the success or failure of a modern business – yet many companies don’t have any disaster recovery systems or strategies in place in case things go wrong! Most businesses completely rely on their IT systems and the cost of something going wrong can be astronomical.

90% of businesses that lose their data in a disaster are out of business within 2 years.

Why are some businesses ignoring the issue of disaster recovery?

Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Lack of knowledge: Companies don’t know how to set up disaster recovery systems; aren’t aware or haven’t fully thought through the business implications of a disaster.
  • Obsolete Equipment: Old systemes that won’t work with today’s modern backup solutions.
  • Cost: Firms believe disaster recovery is too expensive to set up; and it won’t ever be needed.
  • Time: Some businesses using an in house IT team don’t have enough time to spend setting up disaster recovery systems.

What happens when your business has no disaster recovery in place?

Losing unrecoverable data is bad news for business! Here’s why:

  • Your customers might go elsewhere if they feel you don’t take care of their data.
  • You could lose key datasuch as accounts and sales informaiton.
  • Your brand’s reputation could be in ruins
  • You could go out of business.

What disasters are companies likely to face?

  • Hacking and data theft
  • Sabotage and theft of equipment
  • Power cuts
  • Fire
  • Acts of nature such as earthquakes and hurricanes

The business benefits of a disaster recovery system

  • Peace of mind – you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your data is protected
  • You can restore deleted files with ease
  • You can recover historic versions of files
  • Your business will be future proofed – and business continuity ensured.

What to look for in a disaster recovery solution

  • Will your systems automatically back up every 15 minutes?
  • In the event of a disaster, will your business be back up and running again in under 4 hours?
  • Does your disaster recovery system act as your server, whilst still backing up your data – meaning that your network can stay up and running even if your server goes down?
  • Does your disaster recovery system automatically encrypt and password protect all backups?
  • Is your data stored and backed up locally and offsite in secure data centres – so you can be sure your data is safe, even in a disaster?