Ransomware, such as Cryptolocker and Cryptowall, is continuing to rise and is set to be the biggest threat to businesses in 2017.

Are you aware of the costs and potential for lengthy downtime if ransomware gets onto your business network?

Transcription of Content:

Ransomware rose in prevalence massively in 2016 – with an estimated 54% of all businesses in the UK being subjected to an attack attempt in the last year.

This is what it means for businesses:

Days employees locked out of files:

At least 1 day – 96%

At least 2 days – 72%

At least 3 days – 61%

At least 5 days – 32%

At least 10 days – 17%

Attachments or links in email – number one method of infection

Nearly 40% of all spam emails sent contained ransomware in 2016 (https://phys.org/news/2016-12-businesses-ransomware-consumers.html)

Could take around 12 hours to restore 500 GB of data

3 weeks of work could be lost due to infected backups

£3,000 per user – average ransom demanded

Widespread lack of business continuity planning makes ransomware dangerous, and lucrative to criminals

6000% – increase in value of Bitcoin over last 3 years – the digital currency used to pay ransoms

Over 60% of businesses would pay the ransom rather than face aggravation of clean-up and time-consuming restore process (IBM)

25% of paid ransoms did not result in retrieval of data

40% of businesses hit by ransomware attacks had less than 100 employees

30% of small businesses offer cyber security training to employees

57% of medium businesses offer cyber security training to employees

86% of attacks affected 2 or more people in an organisation

47% of outbreaks spread to at least 20 people

43% of IT consultants have had customers fall victim to ransomware

48% report increases in ransomware support inquiries in the last year