Is it Plugged In? Avoid Wasting Time with PC Vendors

August 29th, 2012 - Category - IT Best Practices

We’ve all been there; dealing with long, annoying tech support, hoping to make that extended warranty worth while. Should you eventually speak to a human, you run the risk of running smack into a language barrier. Then, there is always the inevitable ‘Did you turn off your computer and turn it back on?’ Would you really be still on hold if you hadn’t tried everything you could think of?

Wish it was possible to bypass the technical support jungle all together? Vendor Management is a service provided by Netstar where we act as your single point of contact for all technical support needs. It’s an underutilised service that allows small and medium business owners to worry about relationships with clients and company, not the manufacturer or vendor of your IT.

Since our techs are familiar with your software and hardware (not to mention your business goals), there is a chance that your issue will be repaired without contacting any sort of support. Even if the manufacturer support is required, our professional staff is able to relay the issues faster. We have also established working relationships with the majority of vendors, giving us a leg up.

Having a Netstar tech on your extended team will be invaluable to your company and your IT hardware and software. Call us today 02036 574 489 for more information about how to enroll in Vendor Management.

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