Cloud computing is rapidly growing in popularity in offices around the world, so if you haven’t already considered the benefits it could bring to your company it’s probably about time you did. We take a look at the advantages of a cloud system for big and small businesses alike.

What exactly is the cloud?

Cloud computing is a way of securely storing your company’s information in a digital space. Once you login to your system you’ll be able to access documents, presentations, calendars, emails or any other file and you can also synchronise and share these things with your colleagues. The services offered by a cloud are scalable to your requirements, very reliable and, best off all, cost effective.

Small companies

Many IT experts will tell you that cloud systems are particularly appropriate for smaller firms because they allow you to cut down on costs. The system will probably be provided in a pay as you go model which means you only have to fork out for the services you’re using and there are no big upfront costs. When purchasing physical IT equipment you have to buy something that will last for several years and  still meet your needs as your business grows. You don’t have this worry with a cloud, as adding to this at a later stage is extremely easy and inexpensive due to its fully scalable nature. For this reason clouds are becoming a common feature of start up companies’ IT communications. When cash flow is really limited a cloud lets your team save on overheads by working remotely in a digital space.

A potential limitation to online working is that if you can’t access your cloud, you can’t really work at all. However, those with physical premises are just as vulnerable to freak accidents caused by adverse weather conditions or a robbery, and as long as you’re working with a competent provider of a reliable package, not being able to get online should never be an issue.

Bigger businesses

Large organisations are also adopting cloud practices. Businesses that have several offices need a more flexible solution than separate servers at each site; a cloud solves this. Clouds also let employees access secure files on their mobile devices when away from company premises, which can be really useful when visiting clients and partners.

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